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Jun 24, 2008 04:37 PM

MSP: New Thai restaurant alert

I was walking up to Mississippi Market today and saw that the former Thai Delight storefront on Selby just east of Dale has morphed into a new Thai place called Mango. I didn't have time to duck in and get a menu, but wanted to send out the alert! I might get a chance to try it over the weekend and will report in if I do. The space has been remodeled and seems to have gone upscale a notch or two. The people who ran Thai Delight were awfully sweet, but the food was never very good.

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  1. Got a taste of the Pad Thai and eggrolls that a friend ordered. It was quite bland compared to any other Pad Thai I've had. The egg rolls were ok but not great. The menu actually looks impressive. They just opened so maybe you will have to request the level of heat you want. Will definately give them more tries.

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    1. re: chazmo

      Jeepers, give them a break. They opened Monday.

      I will miss the people who ran Thai Delight. They were incredibly friendly and pleasant. While their food wasn't earth-shattering, it didn't suck and the prices were right and the servings huge.

      I saw the menu for Mango and it almost looks like too much for a little neighborhood place. A lot more seafood and duck as well as a variety of salads. The prices are higher, which is fine with me if their food is good. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep an eye out here for further reports.

      1. re: nancyd

        I just saw a post on Kathie Jenkins's PiPress blog that Mango is owned by the same folks who own Chai's Thai on the West Bank! That's good news, I think -- I've had tasty food at Chai's and I know the place has several fans on this board.

      2. re: chazmo

        Thank you, mcgeary for spotting this and to chazmo for taking one for the team and trying it out for us, early though it is. I'm always hopeful about new Thai places. Chazmo do you remember any specifics about the menu that you thought made it impressive?

        Interesting that it's going a bit more upscale. Maybe they are hoping to draw people from outside the neighborhood, too?

        Time will tell!


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Some fried rice dishes sounded good as well as some of the aps. And although I haven't tried it green tea ice cream is supposed to be awesome. Plus it was a very good looking menu.

          1. re: chazmo

            It does sound interesting. I love green tea ice cream, so, perhaps I'll have to make a bee-line over there myself to try it. But, as much as I love it, I don't think of green tea ice cream as being a Thai dish.

            I'm just wondering, is Mango trying to be Thai or perhaps are they trying to do some pan-Asian thing instead? Both could be interesting and delicious, of course, but I wouldn't want to have the wrong expectations...


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              I stuck my head in and filched a menu yesterday -- and upon comparison, it looks to be the very same menu as Chai's:


              1. re: mcgeary

                Excellent thank you. To quote Jeremy Igger's review of Chai's "The menu is mostly Thai, but with a few Japanese touches, such as shrimp tempura, edamame (boiled fresh soybean pods) and a pan-grilled wasabi tuna salad."

                Nevertheless, it sounds delicious, no?


      3. I must live very near you-- I also shop at the Mississippi Market on Selby/Dale.
        We love Thai and will have to check out Mango, thanks!
        Did anyone notice if they deliver? We'd like to find a good Thai place that would deliver to us. Most nights we are fine going out or picking up takeout, but once in awhile...

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        1. re: LizzieB_MSP

          Not sure about delivery. Their website is not done, but you may want to check here in the future.

          1. re: nancyd

            Weny last night and got food to go. Got the pad ke mow which is the wide flat noodles. I ordered it hot with chicken and it had red peppers,green peppers onions,garlic, thai basil and tomatoes. I have to say it was very good with a nice amount of heat, could have been hotter for my taste but I'm not complaining. For 8.95 had it for dinner last night and a portion for lunch today. Definately will be going back.

            1. re: chazmo

              But but was the green tea ice cream???? It's blazing outside, perfect opportunity for a green tea ice cream report! Thanks for all of these updates on this new place!


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                I eat ice cream on very rare occasions and this was not one of them. You're TDQ go try it and tell me how good it is.

                1. re: chazmo

                  Mea culpa. I had misremembered your post above to mean that you were interested in trying green tea ice cream (because you'd mentioned you hadn't yet tried it) and, as a fan, I was excited to hear what you thought of it.


              2. re: chazmo

                The husband and I ate lunch at Mango today. After reading this post and then hearing Kathie Jenkins talk about it on FM 107 yesterday, we couldn't stop thinking about it.

                We had the egg rolls to start. They were good.

                For the main course, I ordered thai basil chicken and shrimp. There were two shrimp and a lot of minced chicken, veggies, and a delicious sauce. A huge portion! I asked for it spicy-- next time I will ask for it VERY spicy. I enjoyed it and will order it again in the future.

                Husband ordered the special-- mahi mahi in a green curry mango sauce. He said it was one of the top Thai dishes he's ever had, and we were actually in Thailand a few months ago. He ate every bit of the dish, down to every grain of rice and drop of sauce. He loved it. The portion of fish was large, and I thought it was cooked perfectly.

                The presentation was beautiful, the server could not have been more friendly.

                We'll be back.

                1. re: LizzieB_MSP

                  We ordered takeout from Mango last night.

                  Mango spring rolls- pretty standard.

                  Tom Yum Soup with chicken - fantastic. super spicy. just like that we had in Thailand earlier this year. One of the spiciest dishes we've eaten in the US. Loved it!

                  Spinach/Peanut Curry with Chicken- pretty good.

                  Pad Kee Mow- I loved it. I really like the Thai chili/garlic/basil combination; this was very good.

                  They don't seem to be very quick with take out-- told me 40 minutes and DH had to wait an additional 10. The food was hot and delicious, though.

                  Their menu is now online.

                  I think we'll be ordering from them quite frequently-- can't wait to work our way through the menu.

          2. I started another thread about Mango Thai because I didn't see this thread.
            We liked it, but will probably frequent Chai's Thai more often, since it's closer to our house.

            Here is a link to that thread: