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Jun 24, 2008 04:23 PM

BBQ in Houston

Will be in Houston at the end of July for a tradeshow at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Our CEO loves BBQ and insists on taking the entire corporate crew to dinner the last night before close of show. We will be staying at a downtown hotel not far from the Convention Center and I need suggestions about where to make a reservation for a group of 25. Doesn't have to be walking distance but should be within 5 miles of the downtown area. Need your recommendations for over the top BBQ!

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  1. Good question.

    Reservations at a barbecue joint... I'm not sure that's possible. Most barbecue restaurants are strictly cafeteria style with communal tables. But hey, give some a call and see what they can do.

    That being said, here are a few to consider.

    Beaver's is located less than two miles from your location. It's table service, so it might be able to serve your group. However, keep in mind that Beaver's has been described as a Carolina style barbecue joint. It's a controversial spot in Houston; some hate it, others love it. And it's not a good place for an introduction to Houston barbecue.

    I'm sure others will mention Luling City Market. It tries to mimic Central Texas style barbecue, and it does a decent job.

    Goode Company Barbecue on Kirby is another option, and a great place for out of towners. Some people are haters, but they do a consistently great job. It would be my pick.

    Pappas barbecue has a location very close to where you are, but they are a chain and it's not quite the true Texas barbecue experience.

    1. Goode Co. BBQ on Kirby (fairly close to downtown) can handle your crowd & they'll treat you right. Very professionally run place and knows how to treat a corporate client. You'll get mixed reviews on the BBQ itself from here, but other places might not be able to handle a crowd of 25 corporate out-of-towners.

      1. I cannot express too strongly to avoid Beaver's. Several friends and I want to like it but, alas, the food is just not good -- especially the BBQ. And the entire place might hold 25 people, but then it might not.

        Is havng a meal catered a possibility? In other words do you have another place where you could meet to eat, and have the food brought in? If so, I'd go with Luling City Market or our newest (and very good) place, Pierson's. One issue you have is that most BBQ joints can't seat 25 people.



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          I concur, Dorothy. If you had not spoken up here, I would have. They would definitely be disappointed.

          Too bad the Pig Stand is closed. It would have been perfect. I agree with kerr -- Goode Co. can handle a group that size (call ahead to be sure they're ready for you) and they'll come away happy. Its also easy to find (right off the freeway) so the out-of-town drivers cant get too lost.

        2. Thanks for the info so far you guys. Several of you have expressed your doubts that most local BBQ restos can handle a group of 25. We're not looking for a private room, but several tables slid together for great BBQ, sides and ice cold beer.

          Suggestions so far are much appreciated. My CEO wants me to call the concierge at Hotel ZaZa. Pffftt. I prefer the advice of the 'Hounds!

          1. I think Luling on Richmond will be your best bet. Problem I see is that good bbq joints typically don't have really good stuff late at night.
            Thelmas is real close but its a dump. 25 people could eat there for probably a $100 if you wanted. A brisket dinner with 2 sides probably weighs 2 pounds?

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              I doubt we'll be looking for "really good stuff late at night", jscarbor. My bet is we'll head back to the hotel when the show floor closes at 5:30 p.m., change into things comfy and cooler and head for the BBQ place. Rez at 6:30 will be a good thing.

              Luhling and Goode currently sound pretty darned good. I'm still open to other suggestions though!

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                I feel that you typically get better que at lunch is what I meant. Luling and Goode will probably provide your best options. Goode will mainly be outside seating although they do have some interior seating. I amagine if you call ahead they might set you up at the long table inside. Of course if you want to eat outside you can. Goode and Luling are avg bbq places IMO but if your boss is hankerin for some que they should fit the bill pretty well.

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                  Goode Company on Kirby has a sister restaurant across the street called Armadillo Palace. http://www.goodecompany.com/goodeRest...
                  A few of your crowd might want to go there for it's Texas-y atmosphere, dessert, and air conditioning. They only have 1 or 2 BBQ items on their menue tho but I have seen them set up a steam table,etc. for a group.