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Jun 24, 2008 04:20 PM

Mama Panda in Grande Prairie

OK this is not a chowhound find. but since there was nothing in Grande Prairie, i just wanted to add this. hope i wont get flamed....
This is an all you eat buffet style eatery serving some western and chinese food. This location use to be an Uncle Willy's restaurant about 10+ year ago. Was there on a Thursday nite. The cost was about $14+per head. The food was comparable to bad food court food. There was carve it urself Roast beef and Ham which was sitting there for hours before we arrived. There were about 20+ items of hot and cold variety. Of all the items there only the deep fried chicken and meat sauce was passable. In short, avoid this place if you like good food.

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  1. Did you come across anything reasonably passable up in GP? I'll be there next week...

    1. After not a bad Re-opening 2 Months ago. They are now back to serving Extremely Bad Food. I spoke with the Manager and all she could say is that it is Hard to find good Help. Chicken Wings were over cooked and tasted like dirty burnt oil, Chop Suey is Mainly green cabbage (no Bok choy or Suey choy)overcooked. Ginger Beef & S&S Pork was Gelatinous, Fried Rice bland,BBQ pork dish tasted like sour meat, Squid Dish was extremely Fishy and Nasty, Roast Beef was severely overcooked and tough, Lumpy cold tasteless Gravy and its a mix! Hamburger steaks (or patties is more like it) are frozen preformed & were dried out and taste like eating cardboard. Don't know what they do to the fries but they destroyed them too awful! Soups well don’t even try for they are bad & tastelss.Wonton Soup is full of cabbage and terrible tasting Wontons, broth is like warm dish water. Chicken Soup they put Elbow Macaroni in it and let it cook in the soup, this too was like water but had a hard time shaking it off of the spoon. This was our 3rd bad Meal since the Re-opening
      And now we know that No Care Quality or Consistency goes into the food. And the cleanliness is not so Great either anymore had to go to 3 tables last night to find one that was reasonably clean and had Napkins.
      We do no recommend and we will not return!!