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Jun 24, 2008 04:19 PM

Sheba Ethiopian - Design District

Has anyone been to Sheba? I've never had Ethiopian food and am curious to try it. Is it worth visiting? Will they wrinkle their noses if I ask for silverware? :)

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  1. It is not the best Ethiopian food I've ever had, but it's good if you're up for unusually spiced (though not necessarily spicy) food. If you've never had Ethiopian before I'd suggest you try one of the combination plates they offer - they can be a lot of food but you'll get to try a number of different things. I particularly like the vegetable dishes.

    No they will not remotely wrinkle their noses if you ask for silverware. They do not do the full-on Ethiopian style service where the injira bread is draped over the whole table and used as tablecloth, plate and serving utensil all in one. They will bring out several smaller pieces in a basket. But it's only appropriate to get into the spirit and tear off some bread to scoop with.

    1. I've only been to Ethiopian a few times so I can't vouch for authenticity, but I liked Sheba a lot. I'll second the comment on the combination platters - it is a great way to try a bunch of things.

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        I agree with Frod. It's not the best...but it is the only one here. The space is interesting and it's a great place for a group to share platters and honey wine.

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          I'll add to the echo. It is good, a bit overpriced, but fun and different.

      2. I went a few years ago and thought the food was pretty good (with no frame of reference). Locale sort of sucked back then so never made it back. Interesting food, interestingly spiced, but half the dishes left me thinking I was eating Indian food and the other half Mexican.

        1. Thanks for the comments. I'm probably going to check it out this weekend.