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Jun 24, 2008 03:54 PM

New in Flushing - Ice Fire Land

Anyone try this place yet? Just popped in for some Taiwanese ice, pretty good. Was too full from stuffing myself elsewhere to try other things on the menu. Fire I'm guessing refers to their hot pot menu. Ice is the slushes and Taiwanese ice.

Decor wise was much nicer than other Flushing restaurants...

Ice Fire Land
135-11 40th Rd.
Flushing, NY 11354

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  1. i saw this place the other day, glad u pointed it out as i was really loooking for a new taiwanese ice place

    1. ate here, the poor place has always been empty when I've walked by! fancy decor (like red egg but understated) and we only went for shave ice, which was $3.95 for 4 toppings. the ice itself was really good, not as sloppy as how they serve it at flushing and I went with my faves: grass jelly, red bean, cui-yuan (not sure what it is in english but maybe taro or yam balls), etc. and it was good. Nowhere near as good as the old, lamented Fortuna Gourmet but, I love the cui-yuan so I was happy.

      as for the rest of the place, there was one couple having hotpot (They have the individual pot burners built in to each table) and the standard condiment cart. they also had an interesting thing along a counter, about 20 seats for a a grilled/soup combo thing, a cross between korean bbq and japanese tabletop grilling, but with a metal thing kinda like an angel food cake/bundt pan but not as deep, so you could grill your food in the middle of the thing and the juices would run down into the surrounding moat, where you could poach the other food. Prices were around $16 for diff. meats per person, looked pretty cool.

      when we walked by later, there was maybe 4 or 5 more customers but it is a huge place so sadly, it doesn't seem to have taken off. they also had various taiwanese snacks (pork chop plate, salt pepper chicken, noodle soups and curries, various fried crap).

      Ice Fire Land
      135-11 40th Rd, Queens, NY 11354

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        I've eaten here a few times. The hotpot is great, with many different meat options. Everyone gets their own little hotpot on a burner. The shaved ice is also very good.

        Was disappointed to see yesterday that the place is currently closed for renovations, and is reopening as a "Taiwanese restaurant," whatever that means. Hopefully they'll still offer hotpot.

      2. this place isn't exactly new. it's been around for at least a year. it's my favorite spot in flushing for taiwanese ice, i haven't tried any of their other items though.

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            sorry i missed that. the thread became new again

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              Drove by on Sunday, and the place was closed for renovations.

              Sorry - didn't see the earlier response stating the same thing.