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Jun 24, 2008 03:42 PM

HELP!: Semi-Eccentric and/or unique restaurants in NYC?

Well my anniversary is coming up this Saturday and me and my love deeply enjoy anything semi-bizzare, unique, bold, etc. We enjoyed "Ninja", which is a Japanese themed ninja village and they had DELICIOUS food with great presentation and preparation. Another example to better understand our taste is "Fuerzabruta". Even though this isn't an eating establishment, we just enjoyed the unique quality of it. I want it to be a NICE place, but not fancy. Over the top, fancy restaurants rush you in and out. I want it to be nicely lit and COMFORTABLE. Am i asking for to much? PLEASE HELP and thank you all in advance. I tried yahoo answer's with no luck and I'm hoping i have better luck here.

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  1. WD50 is quite good, with a relaxed atmosphere

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      I'd 2nd WD50. they do nutty things and it tastes excellent, like smoked chocolate or popcorn soup. tasty