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Jun 24, 2008 03:29 PM

Breakfast near 1100 Sherbrook St. West

My 14-year-old son (a fairly adventurous eater) and I will be in Montreal for a few days next week. I've been reading the posts here for a while and have gathered lots of good recommendations (thank you!), but I have not yet figured out breakfast other than going to the Jean Talon market (a bit of a hike from our hotel but worth in at least twice I figure). What I'm still looking for is a decent (or better) place to get breakfast close to our hotel at the address above. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hiya, what about Cocktail Hawaii at 1645 de Maisonneuve W. between Guy & St-Mathieu for crepes & fruit smoothies. More downtown breakfast recommendations here, with some Old Monreal options (a nice jaunt or a couple of metro stops away) mixed in:

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Plenty of places nearby for breakfast, unless you want heavy bacon-and-eggs type meals. For a decent breakfast (croissants or breakfast pastries, coffee, juices), you can try Premiere Moisson, which has a small terrace and plenty of seating inside, and is located about 3 blocks west of your hotel. I believe the Pain Dore at Peel and Ste-Catherine has a small place to eat above the shop (although I could be wrong about that). There's Nocochi right around the corner from Premiere Moisson, although I'm not sure what their breakfast menu is like, but their coffee is decent. Caffe in Gamba, at Place Ville Marie, has excellent coffee and some pastries. There's the whole food court under Central Station, which has quite a few breakfast options as well. While there are many reasons to head to Jean Talon market, I don't think I'd rush there only for breakfast, especially if you're staying downtown. For much better than decent, take a short trek to Laurier West, where Bazaar serves breakfast, or Laurier East to Fous Desserts or Byblos, or Le Fromentier for take out pastries.

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        you have plenty of options very close to your hotel; I'll add Chez Cora, on Stanley street, between ste catherine and de maisonneuve- they serve breakfasts only. Stanley is one street west of peel . There is also an Eggspectations at the corner of de la Montagne and de maisonneuve.
        Both of the above have full breakfast menus.

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          Chez Cora is no longer located on Stanley, but in any event both Chez Cora and Eggspectations are essentially generic breakfast spots that offer formulaic breakfasts on clean plates with an orange slice or two and charge 4 times what a similar breakfast would cost at a diner. My vote for breakfast near the hotel would be Vasco da Gamma on Peel or MBco on Drummond (both between de Maisonneuve and St. Catherine).

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            Oh, right, MBCo is indeed a very good place to get some decent eats early in the morning. Beware! It's not cheap. But it's darn good.