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Fancy Food Show @ Javits

Anyone going this Sunday?

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  1. I will be there on Sunday. I will be the one camped out at D'artagnian's shoveling food in my face.

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      out of everything that will be there...D'artagnian?

    2. I'm heading over there on Sunday, as well. Hope to see some new and fun stuff.

      1. Will be there Monday. great way to see what is new and different in the industry.

        1. If one isn't in the food industry, is there much of a reason to go?

          I imagine the exhibitors wouldn't be so in love with a member of the general public dipping into the samples.

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          1. re: Scott_R

            the general public is a potential consumer.

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              Scott- Good point. You are better off attending a consumer show like TastingNYC which will be at Pier94 in November. Only $75 for a wide selections of tastings-food,wine, restaurants, chef demo's,

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                If you pre-registered then it was only $35. Considering that...you won't anywhere for that price. It is a good opportunity for anyone who is a foodie to get a chance to see what is new or to sample offerings from different countries. The reps are all eager to "walk" you through the items. Again like lovesublime said..."the general public is a potential customer." You figure, for example, `100 people come out of that show and go to their local market, wine shop, restaurant, whatever and tell the person/chef working, "I had this awsome cheese, wine, meat at the Fancy Food Show, can you get it?" Think about how many times you've read an article in Food and Wine and went to look for it or saw something in the Times.

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                  They always extend the $35 cutoff date, if you register online by tomorrow (Friday), it's still $35.

                  And yes it's very worthwhile. If anyone asks about your food industry creds, just say that you're thinking about opening a restaurant/retail shop/whatever. The vast majority of people tasting a vendor's samples aren't potential business customers anyway, no one will hassle you about it.

            2. I'll be there! I've been working for food importers and distributors for 6 years, and have had a reason to go every year. And every year my mom asks when I'll be able to take her... and this is it! I've finally started my own business this year, and am excited to be taking my mom to walk the show with me on sunday. I will most likely go back up on Monday to do some real business.

              I'm looking forward to eating a lot of cheese, and seeing what's new in beverages.

              Anyone else skip the Italian olive oil aisles?

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                I do just because they(exhibitors) from Italy especially, really want nothing to do with anyone except doing large volumes of business. A few years ago I met Mary Keene from Cypress Grove. Hoping to see more people this year.

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                  Last year the I tried the balsamics from 2 vendors from Italy. Very interesting and who can resist trying 100 year old vinegars.

              2. So as a non-industry person - its worth the $35 for a decent Sunday afternoon? Will have a chance to see and try new things? When is the best time to go AM? after 12?

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                  Yes I would say it is worth it.
                  You get to try a lot of items that you might see in a different supermarkets / gourmet shops. Imagine going to your favorite market and getting to sample every olive oil, dip, cheese, frozen food, soft drink, chip, pate etc etc etc....

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                    I have been going to the show for over 20 years and I have yet to leave the show without finding a handful of new products that I run straight to the store to buy. There are always some terrific new products and it is nice to see some of the same faces behind the booths year after year. I am a true foodie and I always look forward to this show. I definitely could sense that the economy has had an effect on the food industry as some of the booths have gotten smaller, and the sample giving is a bit more conservative.