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Jun 24, 2008 03:06 PM

Best bar for wine flights?

I'm going out with friends on Friday who aren't familiar with a lot of wine varietals and regions and have asked me to "educate" them a bit. While I know my favorites and am always up for a bottle or two with a nice dinner, I'm hoping to take them somewhere we can be a bit more adventurous and let them try different tastes...which made me wonder if any of the bars have good wine flights? Does anyone know if some of the standards--Cork, Proof, Vinoteca--offer flights regularly? Approximate price? (basically, what level of wines are included in the flight?)

Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. Check our I just viewed their website and it appears as though it would be the perfect venue for you and your friends. Haven't been there myself, as yet, after being very disappointed in Cindy Wolf's Pazo (do love Charleston, though). But, other Chowhounds have presented very favorable comments regarding the food, wine, etc. at Cinghiale. If you do opt to try Cinghiale, I'd be curious to read your review. Let us know where you do eventually venture to. FoiGras

    1. I also just saw an ad in STYLE MAGAZINE for "Junior's Wine Bar." When I "Googled" the venue, there were comments that "it isn't a true wine bar." But, it may be worth looking into. I'm certain the "Hounds" will steer you in the right direction. FoiGras

      1. I think you want DC in which case Cinghiale or Juniors won't work since both are in Baltimore.

        There are lots of good places in DC for this -- Proof, Vinoteca, but the best for flights is Veritas in upper dupont (FL & CT aves). They have a large number of flights of all types & prices, as well as allowing you to make your own flight and pricing it accordingly. Veritas has only wine and cheese/charcuterie though, no dinner. There are a gazillion good places to eat in dupont though after you taste.
        If you want wine flights and food at the same place, Proof would be a good choice. I would have said Vinoteca but their food isn't all that great and the noise level and small table size don't make it a great dinner choice. But i'd still recommend Veritas and then going elsewhere around dupont for dinner.

        1. I would add my thumbs up for Veritas. The wine flights are $13 to $27, a fair price for most of the offerings with room to splurge or stay on the less expensive side.

          The cheese and churcuterie portions are generous and tasty. The problem is making sure you get a seat, as it is a small place.

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            Thanks DCDoll and Argula...Veritas sounds perfect. (And yes, I'm headed out in DC. Sorry to have left that out of my original posting.)

            Now, to get a table at Veritas, exactly HOW EARLY might we need to be there? Is 6:30 too late? It looks like they have a nice bar? Does that get too crowded to enjoy?


            1. re: ainara

              Well...we are usually there by 5:30. I think if you are there by 6:30 at the latest you might be ok. Can you have someone go earlier and save you a table? It never gets that loud even when full, i don't think. And it's so worth it... :)
              Please make sure to post and let us know how you liked it. BTW the owners just opened a new place up on Wisconsin in CP...haven't been yet but will be checking it out this sat!

          2. there is a new place to go for good wine flights in NoVa/Del Ray - Cheesetique moved a few doors down its block and expanded from cheese shop to cheese shop and wine bar. don't know how it compares to similar venues but everything we had was tasty, from the wine to the cheese board to the in-house-made blue cheese salad dressing to the hamncheese panino with pears. and the place is fun - one flight was called "Que Syrah, Syrah". Mrs D and I will be back

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              I have been to cheestique-before the wine bar. It sounds cute. Do you know how late they are open. I just went to the website and it say's friday-saturday 9:00 pm, is that correct?

              1. re: Smiles2008

                not sure. that sounds early. best to call em and make sure.