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Jun 24, 2008 02:58 PM

Great Taquerias in Raleigh?

greetings -

Anyone know of any taquerias in Raleigh that rival the standbys in Durham? Roxboro Road is kind of a long drive for a $15 dinner given the price of gas these days.......

thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a row of taquerias off of Atlantic Ave/ Wake Forest Rd. area (not sure exact address, but there are a few nightclubs right around there, too-in the general location where Horniblows is). On a good night, there are about 5-6 trucks with similar offerings. I like Durham taquerias better (generally) but these are OK for when I'm in Raleigh and get a hankerin' for tacos.

    1. IMO, in Raleigh, the center of the taco universe is at the corner of Atlantic and New Hope Church.

      I really like Fonda y Birrieria Jalisco near the Mega Wal Mart off Atlantic. That goat stew is tasty as are the tacos.
      I had a really nice pair chicharon (pork skin and stomach) taco at Supermercdo Manado last week at New Hope Church and Capitol. They make this neon green hot avocado salsa that I love. Also, they make their own tortillas there. There's nothing like fresh tortillas.
      There's a restaurant inside Compar Foods that sells tacos and other stuff. It's at the intersection of Atlantic and New Hope Church.
      In the same strip mall, there's a new tacqueria that I'm dying to try: it's called something like Tacqueria Las Tortas. I've only seen the sign when I've been at Comnpar lately. I'll try it sometime soon.
      Also, in the parking lot at Compar Foods, you'll find folks selling homemade tamales wrapped in a corn husk that are great.
      Then there's the tacqueria inside the Amoco station on Capitol, south of New Hope Church. Haven't been lately, but it was darn good last time I was there.
      There's El Mandado in the strip mall on Atlantic about a half a block North of Atlantic.
      From time to time, I've seen taco trucks parked in this area, as there's a nightclub nearby. Nothing says late night chow like a taco truck.

      Hope this helps.

      1. thanks! Atlantic is a heck of a lot closer than Roxboro Road. Good tip on the tamales - those are my son's favorite snack food

        We're going to scope out the joint in the same strip mall as Compar Foods for lunch today.

        Will post back later with our findings

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          Not too sure about Raleigh, but there's a good one in Cary at 1400 SE Maynard called "Taqueria Rancho Grande".

          1. re: ToothTooth

            Not sure what has changed recently at Taqueria Rancho Grande, but its been really fantastic the last couple times I've been there for lunch. At a minimum, the quality of the pork they use to make al pastor has improved signigicantly and the tamales are great.