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Jun 24, 2008 02:49 PM

Here Fishy, Fishy...

Howdy Gang,
I need a seafood recommendation for a beginner, preferably Uptown, Garden District, FQ. I know this may sound silly, but you gotta start somewhere and nobody wants to plunk right in the middle of the most fishiest fish (oh, the grammar horror) when you need baby steps. So, please tell me, especially if you learned to love seafood and where to begin here in NOLA.

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    1. re: paz5559

      To quote Meatload, "you took the words right out of my mouth... "


    2. Yes, GW Fins, on Bienville between Bourbon and Dauphine. Best item on the menu are the wood-grilled scallops with mushroom risotto. But if they happen to have Blue Fin Tuna as a special, order that.

      1. The tuna dish at Rio Mar is one of my fav dishes in town. GW fins is excellent, too, and they've got a wide range of fish. You might also like trout amondine or menieure at Mandina's. For the be all end all of fried fish head to Middendorf's. It's in Manchac, but the thin-fried catfish is something to behold.

        1. I second Rio Mar, they have several different ceviches that are all amazing and their special "fish of the day" type entrees are always great. Plus they have fun summer drinks...

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          1. re: nolalawyer

            Agree about Rio Mar's ceviches and fish. Didn't care for the shrimp with saffron rice; it was too overpowering and all tasted the same after a while.
            That said, the tres leches cake was outstanding.

          2. Are you okay with fried stuff? I think that fried (fish, oysters, softshelled crab) is your best "soft entry" to seafood. It's crunchy goodness....who doesn't like crunchy goodness? And you can't really see it beneath all the batter/coating, so that's another potential plus for the fish-frightened. Baby steps...start with fried catfish. Minnie's Catfish Corner, mid-city.

            Minnie Catfish Corner
            3735 Ulloa St, New Orleans, LA 70119

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            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              I totally agree that fried is the way to go for a beginner. Ease on in...

              Cafe Reconcile has delicious fried catfish.

              1. re: cor

                Oh, yes, that's good catfish....PDG tartar sauce, too. And the shrimp & white beans is a pretty painless way to eat shrimp (Thursdays).