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Jun 24, 2008 02:44 PM

Katz's Shopping Center - Boiling Brook Rd in Rockville

Has anyone ever seen this rundown, hidden strip mall off Nebel Street and Parklawn Drive in Rockville MD. For some reason, it has a parking lot big enough to handle a Redskins game.

In addition to Katz's (which I don't see as having any purpose to a non-kosher diner as it is very poorly stocked and not at all clean) there is a bagel place, a deli, an indian place, and I think a latin strip club.

Any good eats at any of these?

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  1. You're so funny! It's true, all that parking for a strip mall that has absolutely nothing to offer. Katz's is a dirty, smelly store. I have actually eaten at that Indian place, once for a lunch buffet, and once at night. They have a belly dancer there and Indian musical videos playing on a screen. The food is not all that good, but not horrible, but not something to go back for. It's a weird place in a weirder strip mall.

    1. Not Katz's any more. Kosher Mart, I believe.

      And, yes, it's pretty dirty.

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        The end of Katz's was a real loss. With Posin's long gone, there is really nothing else like it in the area. Shalon in Wheaton is good for what it is, but it's not the same.

        1. re: pgreen

          I loved Posin's and shopped there until they closed. One of my earliest memories of Maryland (we lived in Alexandria at the time) was our family trip to the new (2nd ) Posin's in Adelphi, c. 1957. Don't think it lasted long.

          1. re: Mister Big

            I don't remember Posin's in Adelphi (although it does ring a vague bell). I do, however, well remember the original Katz's in Four Corners before they moved to Rockville.

      2. Goldberg's Bagels is good. Besides bagels, they also have soup and prepared foods. Years ago, there used to be a Kosher Chinese restaurant there too. (Imagine that!)

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          the Kosher Chinese restaurant is still there. I haven't been in years but last time I went the food was inedible. I frequent the Indian buffet- because it's close to where I work and I don't think it's bad at all. and the bagels are decent as well. there's a Korean restaurant in this shopping center as well- haven't tried it though. would love to hear from someone who has!

          1. re: startsev

            I recall there being a WP piece on the Korean place - very ethnic, little English spoken. Would also like to hear about it.

            1. re: nickdanger

              wouldn't really call it a restaurant. it's a korean "bar/lounge" called 20/20 with mostly younger koreans drinking soju and beer. there's a small bar, a karaoke stage, and most of the floor space is dedicated to tables. while they do serve food, it's nothing spectacular. some soups, pretty ordinary korean dishes, and bar snacks. the servers seem to be mostly in their 20's/30's and speak english.

              1. re: joan324

                The reason the parking lot is so big is that there used to be a movie theater in the shopping center. It was an Amazing Savings but closed in the fall. Re: the other food options, Goldbergs bagels are good, but the restaurant is run like a hobby. It's posted hours are apparently only a suggestion, service is uneven to say the least, and conversations with other staff members seem to be much more important than customers. The Kosher Chinese restaurant is not bad - the beef ribs are pretty good as as is the eggplant. It does not compare to a regular Chinese restaurant, but does present a good dining opportunity for those who keep Kosher.

                1. re: mrsphud

                  I have NEVER had a decent meal at the Kosher Dragon, or whatever it's name is, and stopped hoping it would get better, but never did. Better off getting takeout from Koshermart.