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Jun 24, 2008 02:43 PM

Finding New York Biali's In Los Angeles

I have tried Cantors, Factors, Nate and Als and they don't make the grade. Any suggestion?

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  1. Bagel Broker on Beverly one block east of Fairfax. I pick up bagels for work each Fridays and always get 5 Bialies for me and the other former New Yawkers and we all love them, dry and crispy and heavy on the onions.

    1. Not from NY, don't know if it measures up, but Brooklyn Bagel on Beverly makes some of the best bagels in town and also makes Bialys. It's worth a trip.

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      1. re: Ogawak

        We've been round and round on the LA bagel debate... it's true that Brooklyn gets a lot of praise here, but every time this NJ native has eaten them, the bagels have been hard, dense, barely chewable without some kind of lubrication (be it a beverage or cream cheese).

        A great bagel (or bialy) needs no embellishment and can be eaten, comfortably and most enjoyably, unadorned and warm from the oven, all by itself.

        I also feel that Bagel Broker has the best bagels of those I've tried in LA (but I haven't tried them all.)

        Mr Taster

      2. Also, the Beverly Hills Farmers Market on Sunday's has a bagel/bread stand that has Bialys. They taste just like how i remembered eating them growing up, however they are flatter than the standard ones from NY.

        1. Doesn't Barney Greengrass import biali's from NY?

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          1. re: JAB

            Yes, they import bialys as well as bagels. I believe the bialys are from Kossars.

            1. re: joshekg

              I just had a Kossar's bialy (from Kossar's, though -- in NYC at the moment) and it was delicious, but wouldn't have made it even uptown on the F train, let alone all the way across the country.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Hey Das-- wow, am I jealous. Be sure to grab some Guss' Pickles... the outdoor barrels on Broome Street around the corner from the visitor's center. All further replies should be posted on the NY board :)

                Mr Taster

          2. Gelsons sells a bialy that is really close to what I've had in NY. I'm sorry I don't remember the name but they sell them on the bread aisle and also in the freezer section.