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Jun 24, 2008 01:55 PM

KC - Blue Grotto anyone?

Has anyone tried the new wood-fired pizza place in Brookside?

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  1. I haven't been yet, but it was discussed on last fridays Walt Bodine show on KCUR- you can listen online. Not stellar reviews, not awful either. Reviewers commented on how loud the place is. It looks great from the street.

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    1. re: goroe

      We tried to go for lunch today, but they won't start serving lunch until after next week. I co-worker has had dinner there and liked it. Wasn't bowled over, but thought it was good.

      1. re: zataar

        My friend recently ate there and said it was absolutely fantastic. I am excited about eating there for the first time tonight. I forsee overeating in my future.

    2. Checked it out this past week... Good, but not overwhelming good. If you like wood-fired pizza, you may like this place. I probably prefer Pizza Bella, but I have only been to each place just once. I do think the salad I had pre-pizza was pretty darn good.

      1. I received the WORST treatment of my dining life at this place. Do not eat here. The service is terrible, the owner is rude an the food is marginal. Go next door to Jalapenos and get treated with an ounce of respect.

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        1. re: jkrono

          Oh no! How dissapointing. I have heard the owner/owners have been overwhelmed.

          1. re: jdl98

            I'm spreading the word on this place--terrible!

            1. re: jkrono

              We loved it. The pizza and salad were great, We live in St. Louis and can't wait to come back to KC and eat there again. I wish we had a restaurant that served pizza made in a wood fired oven close to us and went to as much trouble as these people have to produce a great pie! The owner was very gracious. What, do you work at Jalapenos? Your only posts are disparaging the Blue Grotto.

              1. re: wekick

                I also have heard very good things. Kinda a drive for me for pizza but I can't wait to try it!

        2. Great place. Good pizza, service and reasonably priced for Brookside. The owner is a nice guy and we talked to him for awhile...he used to run the Peanut. Pizza, wine, two beers $30. Not bad for Brookside

          1. Had dinner there a few weeks ago. Good food, not great. But a good addition to Brookside's choices, and a cool, contemporary atmosphere. Owner was very kind and checked on us several times. Had a sundried tomato/cheese torte for an app and the Four Seasons pizza.

            I think it's one of those places where the idea is great and the execution is somewhat less than that. Ingredients may have been less than top quality. But on the whole, a pretty good meal. Like someone above said - I prefer Pizza Bella.

            I think that your average joe "non-foodie" would think it's great.

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            1. re: kuscout

              I had dinner there on Wednesday night. I couldn't remember if my friend recommended it or not. I think it was "not". The food was very, very disappointing. I was thinking that it would be sort of like SPIN. It was greasy, soggy and extremely salty. The antipasta plate was the only highlight. It had a great selection of nibbles. I ordered a glass of wine and it stunk like it had been open for a week. I told the waitress and she started to argue with me that the wine was fine and if I didn't know, Malbecs smell like that. I didn't care that she thought the wine was "fine," And I drink Malbec all the time, thanks and I know what it tastes and smells like. The server shouldn't talk down to their customers period. This was half way thru dinner and set the mood for the rest of the night. She replaced it with another wine finally after my husband made her take it from our table. The whole Blue Grotto experience can be summed up by, WTF!!??

              1. re: chinkymonkey

                I live in the neighborhood and have heard from many about their bad service issues. Seriously, I won't go out of my way for pizza with bad service. Hell, I don't even like Jalapenos so much but the service is spot on and easy.