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Jun 24, 2008 01:53 PM

French Quarter Eats/Recs

Hello all,
I will be making my first trip to New Orleans the first week of July. Our flight does not get in until 8pm on a Thursday and was hoping for some recommendations for a casual place to eat that night in the quarter. Our hotel is right in the quarter and I am hoping to hit Vaughan's later in the evening to see Kermit play. Price isn't a concern, would like to keep it to local cuisine, just don't want to have to step right off the plane and get all dressed up.

Planning on hitting Galatoire's for lunch on friday, Cochon on Saturday night, Friday night is up in the air.


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  1. Try Irene's. It's not super casual, but I think you'd be ok in a nice shirt and nice jeans/slacks.

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      Maximo's. No shorts, t-shirts, neat casual.

    2. Coop's. It's down Decatur, the direction you'll be heading in to go to Vaughn's anyway. Good local food. It's a bar, but food is good.

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        It's not just a bar, it's a dive bar, which is a plus IMHO. And although it is not universally loved, I (and many others here) think it's a great place. I had the red beans and rice with sausage on Thursday night, which was awesome, and a great vehicle for the habanero tabasco sauce on every table. For more local character, I highly recommend sitting at the bar, or alternatively one of the high tops adjacent to the bar, rather than at a table.

      2. Sidebar in Exchange Alley stays open late.
        620 Conti

        1. Galatoire's is closed July 4 and although don't have the schedule at hand I think they are shut down for early July for the most part. Call them NOW at 504-225-2021 to check. You don't want Friday anyway. Any other day (except Monday when they are closed), fine.

          1. Telephone erratum..mis-typed the Galatoire's number; it is 525-2021, not 225.

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              Thanks for the tip Hazelhurst, I just called and they are closed till July 7, the day I leave AND my bday, what a bummer.

              And thanks to everyone for all of the tips, I greatly appreciate it. i haven't been this excited to visit a new city(for me) in a long time.

              Well, now it looks like I need to find a place for a nice meal on Friday night.