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Jun 24, 2008 01:52 PM

sandwiches around Cambridge/Somerville for dinner...

Good evening!

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any MUST HAVE sandwich joints to recommend.
We're not in the mood for "subs" per se (though, if there are awesome recommendations, I could be persuaded), but some fresh tasty sandwiches.
I'm not getting back to the Porter Sq area until I'm worried that a lot of sandwich places will be closed...
Such as:
Daves Fresh Pasta
Oxford Spa
Hi-Rise...though, perhaps the Harvard Sq location is open in the evening....?!?
um, wow, looks like i'm hitting a wall here.
So, please let me know where you get your sandwhiches for dinner :) also, what's your favorite sandwhich when you're there?

We do have a car, so would be willing to drive around Somerville, Cambridge, and even Arlington....oh, and we're hoping to do take-out...bringing them home to just relax :)


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  1. You can get a sandwich for dinner at All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman. I usually get something off the specials menu. Today my picks would be the Turkey special, the "Extra Funky" special which has pork loin and stuffing (I've had this before and its delicious but VERY filling) or the Texas Reuben.

    Also in Inman is S&S but I haven't been there in years so I can't vouch for it.

    Is a wrap a sandwich? (ASSbar would say no) You could get a chicken schwarma or falafel at Greek Corner in Porter Sq.

    1. Please to enjoy the 172-post (and growing) "Best sandwich...ever?" thread:

      Many, many Camberville options in the thread. I'll highlight two in my current high rotation, both of which would be open at 7:30:

      * Cubano/veggie cubano at Chez Henri
      * Mozzarella panino at Good Food Cafe

      1. Pemberton Farms, open until 9 pm. The Mayflower and the Tuscan are particularly nice, in my book. And it's not too far from Porter Sq.

        Pemberton Farms & Garden Center
        2225 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

        1. You could pull yourself a pork (or chicken) sandwich to go from Redbones--and down a nice pint while you wait for your order to come up. You can also buy a pint of meat and make your own sandwiches at home, if that's your thing. I'm not saying it's the area's best 'cue, but even a B/B+ (about where Redbones' 'cue averages out for me) pulled pork sammy is pretty good. I'll also have to put in a word for the tortas at Tacos Lupita...

          1. Bloc 11 makes sandwiches until around 10pm.Bow Street in Union Square. And of course, the Cuban sandwich at Highland Kitchen is close to legendary.

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              Thanks everyone! Since I got offline around 7, i didnt see these last 3 posts! But all sound wonderful, and I had no idea that Pemberton Farms is open that late. Joy!

              we ended up going to was tasty and hit the spot. though the woman forgot to put cheese in my sandwich...which i didnt notice till we got home. kinda sad, but BF gave me some from his sandwich :)
              I had the italian (i think it's called the Ellery), and it was really tasty and light (perhaps since it was missing the cheese?!?! haha). I loved their pickles, since they were thinly THINLY sliced and the onions were also shaved pretty thin.
              He got the Ellsworth, and while he enjoyed it, I think he really wanted a pizza. oops!

              thanks again for all your suggestions!
              Looking forward to trying Good Food Cafe and other places named :)
              Happy thursday!

              1. re: mollyditty

                Um, it's Wednesday.

                Next time you want a great sandwich, but not to go, check out the Cuban Reuben at Highland Kitchen in Somerville. Oh boy nom nom nom.