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Jun 24, 2008 01:50 PM

Healdsburg Dinner Recommendations

My husband and I are going to Healdsburg over July 4th weekend. We currently have dinner reservations at Cyrus and Barndiva and are looking for a Saturday night reservatin in the area (no driving distance longer than 20-30 minutes). Any suggestions? We're both in our early 30's...

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  1. You are already going to two fairly fancy (for wine country) and expensive meals. If you are looking for something else in that vein, I'd strongly recommend The Farmhouse Inn. It's on River Road in Forestville, and it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes at most to get there. It's currently my favorite special occasion place in the area. The speciality is rabbit done three ways, which my husband adores and gets every time we go there (I like it too, but prefer to get something else and take a taste of his). Generally I order whatever fish is on the menu, because they have the knack of cooking fish perfectly. However, if you are looking for something more casual for your third meal, I'd suggest Ravenous, in Healdsburg. The food and service are very good, and the setting is certainly pleasant, but it's much more casual and laid back than either of your other choices.

    1. I work in Healdsburg and my favorite place for dinner is in Geyserville. The restaurant is Santi and it is Italian food like your grandmother used to make. They have a wine list from the local wineries and they use lots of ingredients from their own graden. Its just about five miles north on 101 and it is well worth the trip. Enjoy.

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        Santi is very good. Farmhouse Inn is really, really wonderful. My choice would be to go there over BarnDiva. You might also try Ravenous, and the tiny, tiny
        Ravenette (about 6 tables). Also, Willi's Raw Bar, Bovolo, and Zazu. Do a search and check out other comments on these restaurants.

      2. asawicki, we went to BDiva a couple of years ago, so it might have changed; overall we thought it was good yet nothing to go back for.(I'd go back to the town's brew pub for the beers, on the other hand) Bovolo's gelatos should not be missed, and if you go there for that you can see if their lunch/dinner menus interest you. Very simple decor and straightforward prep of excellent fresh ingredients (polar opposite in many ways to Cyrus).