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Jun 24, 2008 01:26 PM

Kam Shing any good?

Is Kam Shing good?

I’m from Toronto and will be in Montreal this weekend. I remember going to Kam Shing a few times. At least I think it was Kam Shing (bad memory, and it was years ago). I remember they had really good ginger garlic shrimp and chicken soo guy. I remember like yellow walls too. Pretty sure it was called Kam something. Maison Kam I thought, but I coulda been wrong (not Maison Kam Fung, that is not the place I’m talking about).

Anyways, is it still good?? Just looking for basic comfort Cantonese. Nothing crazy authentic, just old school and soothing. Last time I was there was like 7 years ago and it was great. I’d like to check it out again this weekend….


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  1. Are you talking about a restaurant in Chinatown? There are two Kam Shing locations in the central city, both on the other side of the mountain from Ctown: in Plaza Côte-des-Neiges (seven years ago, it was probably on the east side of Côte-des-Neiges Boulevard, facing the plaza) and on Van Horne just east of Victoria. Most people think the former is the best. Solid Cantonese cooking, especially the noodle dishes. And, yes, it has yellow walls. You can catch a glimpse of the cavernous interior in the photo accompanying the intrepid Maeve Haldane's Hour review.

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      Thanks carswell!

      I'm not super familiar with Montreal as it's not my hometown, but I remember the restaurant faced the plaza I think, and had yellow walls, and I remember it being around Van Horne/Victoria (I thought it was on Victoria, just off of VH, but I could be wrong). I don’t think it was in Chinatown no. At least that area sure didn't seem like a Chinatown from what I recall. Is that location considered the better of the two? It really doesn't matter as that's the one I intend to revisit regardless. Is it still at that location?? Hasn't moved or anything since I was last there years ago?

    2. the one on cote des neiges now in the plaza is the one i go to and its still very good!

      1. Kam Shing is amazing!
        I think your talking about on the places cote des neiges.
        There was Kam Shing,a little place with a red logo next to harveys, AND there was also Maison Kam with those big round tables and dragon decor on the walls.
        Kam Shing in now a big hit and moved across the street into the cote-des-neiges mall, and sadly, Maison Kam closed and is now Kim Phat (asian grocery store).
        hope that helps!
        Kam Shing: best for general tao chicken, cantonese fired noodles, house fried rice, and won ton soup is great too.

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        1. re: monicaC

          Yes, it was Maison Kam --- DAMN it's closed!!!! When did that happen??

          That place rocked. Loved their ginger shrimp. Crappy :(

          Is Kam Shing similar? Or it's own thing...?

          1. re: magic

            Kam Shing is where you want to be, never had Maison Kam b/c was next to Kam Shing. lol

            1. re: ios94

              Alright, Kam Shing it is.

              Still upset about Maison Kam though.

              1. re: magic

                Maison Kam move to Pierrefonds

                (514) 685-6688
                Address :
                11779 Bd Pierrefonds
                Pierrefonds, QC

                1. re: fredmir

                  Thanks so much for the info! Have jotted this down for the next time I'm in Montreal.

                  Is it as good as the old location??

                  Also, refresh my memory, where was the old location?

          1. I had Kam Shing just tonight, although we do take-out mainly.
            They do the best General Tao, and my fave Peking hot soup - it's really a hot and sour soup.

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            1. re: devilishlyj

              Fredmir mentioned that,

              "Maison Kam moved to Pierrefonds"

              11779 Bd Pierrefonds
              Pierrefonds, QC

              I recently moved to Pierrefonds from the Snowdon area and thus frequented Kam SHing quite often.

              I tried Maison Kam on Pierrefonds on a whim and I find it's almost identical to Kam Shing but Fredmir mentions that there was a Maison Kam on Cote des Neiges next to the old Kam Shing across from it's current plaza location.

              Can anyone confirm the origin? The food and taste is very very close to Kam Shing, I just assumed an old cook opened his own place. I never ate at the old Maison Kam.