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Jun 24, 2008 01:25 PM

Eats before Riverport/Verizon in St. Louis

Need some suggestions for dinner before a concert at Verizon Amp. in St. Louis. I am driving from the south up I-55 to 270 to 70 so any place along the way and even past it.
Not too fancy but maybe someplace I can get a reservation just so we don't have to wait.
I was hoping for crab legs, crawfish but we are pretty open and will eat about anything.
Sorry to be so vague. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Who are you going to see? Riverport is a mess, with highway traffic backed up from the exits and the secondary roads sometimes a good alternative and often even worse. Pack a picnic. Pick up some sandwiches at Amighetti's or Blues City and bring a cooler. If you get way backed up you can eat in the car, and if things go easily you can picnic once parked and ready near the entrances. Otherwise you are just adding stress on top of stress. Unless you have a helicopter.

    1. We went to the Doobie Bros/Chicago show a couple of nights ago and had dinner beforehand at Serra's.

      Basically a pizza/italian joint...with fantastic pizza and good salad.

      Not fancy, but really good pizza and very close to Verizon.

      Go to Sauce Mag. online for directions.

      1. skip the 270 option, let 55 turn into 70 and you open yourself up to all sorts of options like Soulard.