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Jun 24, 2008 01:11 PM

Best Lobster Roll in Beacon Hill Area?

I never had one......a lobster roll that is. Everybody tells me about 'em and since I'm only gonna be in your great city for three days, I figured I make it a good one (or 2....3?). Where should I head?

Thanks in advance. Any suggestions on chow-dah and Irish bars I gotta pop in for a pint are appreciated as well.

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  1. Neptune Oyster House isn't far and is considered among the top; your choice of cold (w/ mayo) or hot (w/ drawn butter). I, and others, also think that Kingfish Hall does a good lobster roll.

    I'm fond of Mr. Dooley's for a pint - not far from the other two places, either.

    Neptune Oyster
    63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

    Kingfish Hall
    188 South Market Building, Boston, MA 02109

    Mr Dooley's Boston Tavern
    77 Broad St, Boston, MA

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      Agreed; head to Neptune in the North End. One caution: they often run out of lobster in the middle of their dinner service, so go early. Their's is better than Kingfish's IMO

      1. re: JoeM

        Thank you!

        We just got back and could not have been more pleased with that delicious manna from heaven! Kinda found the place while walking the freedom trail, but saw how close it really is to Beacon Hill if I went a more direct route. Truly a magical experience. My wife had the cold; I the hot. They were both magnificent.....great choice.

        As I mentioned, staying in Beacon Hill, we passed a Italian restaurant named Antonio's right on Cambridge streeet I beleive, and the smells wafting out lured us in. THAT was truly a great meal as well, especially for the price. More enjoyable than the meal we had in the North End the next evening...however the cannolli from Mike's was worth that trip.

        Thanks again for the advice. If I was gonna have only one lobster roll, I wanted it to be memorable and it certainly was.

        1. re: Honeyman

          Glad it worked out. Antonio's is indeed great for the price - my family always wants to go there when they're in town =)