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Jun 24, 2008 01:07 PM

Taste Chicago in Burbank?

How is this place? is it worth it? Is the pizza even close?

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  1. To answer your questions in order.

    It's mediocre. I haven't had the pizza but nothing I've had (hot dogs, Italian beef) is worthwhile.

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    1. re: sku

      Agree...had the Chicago dog there once. If they can't do a decent hot dog why chance the pizza.

      Portillo's is the way to go if you want the Chicago experience, but I don't think they have pizza. They got other Italian dishes and they import the hot dog buns from Chicago.

      1. re: monku

        I'm glad to hear that Portillo's brings in hot-dog buns from Chicago. The hot dogs are also pretty good, even if they aren't Vienna Beef.

        It's too bad they don't import Gonnella bread from Chicago for their Italian beef. The beef itself is much better than anything else I've had away from Chicago, although it's not as good as the best beef stands in what the marketeers call the Greater Chicagoland Area. But the Portillo's bread has a distinct aftertaste that I find objectionable.

        P.S. They've recently opened a second California branch in Moreno Valley.

      2. re: sku

        You guys are crazy! The Italian Beef is delicious! if you're not from Chicago, you can't vouch. I've lived in Chicago my whole life and the beef is just as good as Al's beef, NaNa's, Portillo's and Taylor street.
        The pizza is made with water from LA, so NO bread, pizza or anything here will taste like Chicago pizza but it's not bad.
        For great tasting Chicago style pizza, try Mazzarino's.
        Vicki Wagner

        1. re: lesbianknowsbest

          Mazzarino's has been closed for a long time and still doesn't look like it's ready to reopen, sign on the door notwithstanding. Plus, their pizza is just standard pizza, not bad but I can't figure out why you would think it's Chicago style.

          1. re: Debbie W

            Agree with your post. Mazzarino's is not bad but it is not Chicago style.

      3. What about the Giardinera?

        1. I'm not from Chicago, so authenticity I can't vouch for. The hotdog was tasty, and so was the beef sandwich. I think in the past there's been a lot of discussion for and against. I wouldn't think of this place as a destination, but if you're in the neighborhood, it's a very decent choice.

          If you're looking for the Chicago experience and taste, you might check out Portillo's in Buena Park (across the street from KnottsBF, literally). A friend of mine (from Chicago) used to import their Italian Beef before they opened an outpost here. She and her group of Chicago ex-pats drive to Portillo's all the time now. I've been twice, and I have to say, the Italian Beef sandwich (or the 1/2 beef, 1/2 sweet sausage --I know, huh?) Flavorful, and worth the drive.

          Portillo's Hot Dogs
          8390 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620

          Taste Chicago
          603 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

          1. Hot dogs: okay -- I prefer the Polish
            Deep dish: not even close
            Italian beef: I like it, but can't speak to its authenticity (I've only been to Chi once in my life and all I ate was deep dish and hot dogs) ...
            My fave is the potato wedges with garlic sauce
            Here's an older thread on the subject of "authentic" Chicago food in LA (Rubin's Red Hots RIP):


            1. Hi Diana,

              Agree with everyone's posts so far: Taste Chicago's pizza isn't worth it. I was pretty disappointed.

              The closest I've found to Chicago Pizza would be Tony's Little Italy and that's not close to the best Chicago offers, but it's pretty decent here in So Cal. :)

              Tony's Little Italy Pizza
              1828 N Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA 92870