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Jun 24, 2008 01:03 PM

Best Steak Tartare in LA?

Never had, always wanted to try - Where should I go?

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      Strongly second this. Just fabulous.

      Comme Ca's version is very good too.

    2. Father's Office (Culver City) has had a great one on special recently.

      1. Third vote for Anisette Brasserie. :)

        Comme Ca used to be my favorite before Anisette, and that one's still solid.

        1. I love the version at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I especially love it if someone else is paying.

          1. There was an earlier thread on this within the last two months. still believe Mistral makes th best in Los Angeles. They are in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd. Appetizer or dinner size and both I believe come with pomme frite (yum!).

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            1. re: Hughlipton

              Agreed! Mistral has a very tasty version.