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Fiber in cereal bars...

I actually was directed to a good fiber bar from a tailor in Manhattan a hundred years ago, but have lost the name.

I know the various cereals with a lot of fiber have been mentioned, but what are some good (or even decent) cereal bars with fiber?

I confess, I ate with abandon the Nutri Grain bars at a recent weekend away, and liked them a lot. I assume they are not good for you.


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  1. My eleven year old loves Nutrigrain bars. While not obviously being bad, they are not good for you.

    1. I've read good things about Fiber One bars...9 grams of fiber in one bar...11 grams of sugar though. I've also seen Dr. Weil's bars in the health food store recently.

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        The Fiber One bars are actually quite tasty.

        Anybody remember Fi-Bars from years ago? What happened to these? Mom and Nanny used to eat these on their diets when I was a kid, and I always use to eat them too because they tasted good to me... I think Mom and Nanny thought I was nuts and were a little piqued at me "using up the diet foods."

      2. I have been reading labels for years trying to find a marginally nutritious cereal bar. Haven't found one yet. Almost all include two to three times the sugar that I (as a diabetic) allow myself each day, way too many carbs, hardly any protein, and generally poor scores on listed vitamins and minerals.

        Other than that, I have nothing against them.

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            ipse, do you eat those think thin bars? i can't have them because of the soy, but i always figured i would have skipped them anyway because all those sugar alcohols would kill my stomach.

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              I tried them once, but they are tasteless. Day-old cardboard sprinkled with Flintstones vitamins would have more flavor in comparison.

        1. Aside from legumes, cereals, and other fruit, bananas are as convenient as cereal bars and as good as most.

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            I agree with the Fiber One bars. I've tried several flavors and find them pretty tasty.

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              Thanks, all. That looks like the way I'll go, the Fiber One bars.

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                The Fiber One bars have a ton of sugar in them.

                Kashi bars are probably the best for you, they use only whole grains, no white flour and only natural sugar such as honey or cane sugar. Plus only 4 grams of sugar in the entire bar.

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                  Thanks, paperbagprincess, I'll make a note of them too.

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                    i don't eat any of them so i don't know about taste, but from a nutrition perspective i have to agree with pbp & rnr - kashi & gnu are the best bets.

          2. Gnu bars. Tasty, TONS of fiber and no HFCS: www.gnufoods.com

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              I must inject my opinion here... my mom loves these... I think they taste awful... I don't care for any of the flavors. They taste healthy but not in a good way to me. Actually they remind me a bit of Odwalla bars, which I don't care for either. Soft, a bit chewy, and oaty. Dunno. I'd advise tasting one before committing to a box or anything.

            2. I don't like most but do like Fiber One and the Kashi ones. The fiber one yogurt is great too, we also just bought fiber one burger buns that were great.

              want a high fiber snack? melt a choco candy bar, then mix it with Fiber One cereal (original), then drop clusters on wax paper, (in the fridge for a couple minutes). Awesome snack

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                Thanks, lexpatti. I was doing the fiber cereal and yogurt bit, but got bored. Your idea sounds good.

                I bought the Fiber One bars, and they are pretty darned good. The Nutri Grain -- boy do THEY buy a lot of top shelf supermarket space! -- bars went down like candy, but the Fiber One were actually pretty filling.

                Tiny little bars for a lot of money, I have to check out Costco for them.

                I didn't have time to get to the organic aisle, but Kashi is next.

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                  I also like the Fiber One Oat and Chocolate bars. They have more sugar than I like, but are low-cal and good when I want a candy bar. You can get them 2/1.19 at Walgreens.



              2. +1 on the gnu bars
                The fiber one bars taste like plastic to me.

                1. Walmart sells "Good Value" fiber bars at a good price, same as the name brand ones, enough fiber to keep a rhinocerous regular.

                  1. Nutri Grain bars are ok, as long as you look at them more as a cookie I think. I remember trying those All-Bran bars a while back and was surprised that they tasted pretty good. But for me, if i'm going to have a granola bar, I love the Kashi bars (especially the peanut peanut butter). I loved Clif bars but can no longer eat them because of the soy.

                    I sometimes see something called a "bowel buddy" (there's an attractive name) in the grocery store. I assume they are super high fibre, have never tried them though.

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                      How come the masai tribe does not eat fiber and they are doing just fine (even better than us)? I think we have narrowed down certain food components, fiber in this case, for marketing reasons.

                      If you want fiber, go eat some fruits.