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Jun 24, 2008 12:56 PM


Going to Laughlin this weekend! Any ideas of where to eat for dinner. I checked the web and it seems alot of hotels have chain restaurants in them now. Which is very sad! Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Haven't been in a few years: The Steakhouse @ the Tropicana Express used to be terrific.

    1. The Riverside has a few good choices. The Gourmet room is pretty good. The prime rib room is a step above a buffet. Casa Serrano has great salsa & chips and the food is bueno.

      The Golden Nugget has the Salt Grass, it is a chain, but it's decent. The shrimp stuffed jalapenos kept me coming back.

      Harrah's has the Range, which is also pretty good.

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        Thanks to all of you for the tips I will try one of them, I usally go to the hicory pit at the edgewater and have had pretty good luck. Those stuffed jalepenos sure do sound good!

      2. Tropical Cow, on the second floor of the (tiny) Regency Casino (between the Aquarius and the Edgewater) has excellent food. Kind of a dive, but great breakfast and, for dinner,really good prime rib.

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          thanks for the tip's I usally go to the hickory pit but i wanted to try some other places!