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Jun 24, 2008 12:45 PM


Looking for feed back on three new liquors that are due in CT next month...
Ice Glen Vodka
Greylock Gin
Ragged Mountain Rum

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  1. They all suck, but if you want the least bad of the worst, go weith the vodka, and mix it with something sweet. I find tonic to be as good as anything, but OJ is also fun.

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        1. re: AlbertaHound

          Not exactly cheap. A new line being brought into CT. Just wanted some feedback before I buy into it. Thanks

    1. Sorry -- may have spoken too soon. I think I was confusing them with the Mohawk line of alcohol products.

      1. WAIT!!

        There's no suck. I have tasted the vodka, as well as the gin. I think you must be confusing these NEW (as of spring 2008) products with something else.

        The Vodka: Pure, Clean, Non-Assertive - Maybe slightly sweet with a hint of an herbal aftertaste but not in a bad way. Its good straight and I would mix it in simple cocktails, as its flavor need not be masked. If you like Belvedere, Chopin and the like, you'll like this. If you drink Absolut or Stoli, you may find its subtle flavors a little soft, but I think that's its beauty.

        The Gin: OK, its NOT Hendrick's BUT its not Tanqueray either ... This has good, subtle, fragrant herbals, a wonderful finish - it mixes well and stands on its own. It does not have the complexity of a Hendrick's, but its not as predictably mass market, middle of the road as Tanqueray, either. It is, simply, an excellent take on a London Dry Gin. You can tell care has been taken to perfect this and I think its a winner.

        I have not had the rum, so I cannot comment. What I do think of the two Berkshire Mountain Distillers products that I have had the pleasure to taste is that these are both well thought out and well crafted. No one is reinventing the wheel here, but that's OK. I would say they stand above others in their price point and rival more expensive offerings.

        I have not had anything called Mohawk, but these DO NOT suck and must not be related :)