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Jun 24, 2008 12:44 PM

Dickey's Barbecue - Scottsdale, AZ

Was driving down Shea this morning crossing over Scottsdale rd....when I noticed the 'Now Open' signs @ Dickey's BBQ.
I had no idea they were opening a location as the Thomas Rd location had closed.
They are in the old Wendy's location set back from the to the Carwash and a new Pizza Place (Fired Up).
I could see how busy it was so I decided to pop in for lunch.
I ordered the 3 meat plate ($10.99)....not wanting the extra carbs from the bread. I had a combination of Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Sausage...with a side of slaw and beans.
I was given a number which I took to my table ...the food came up very fast.

At the drink bar...there is extra BBQ Sauce and an ice cream machine to grab a cone on the way out.

My platter was heaping w/ meat and sides.....The Brisket had a nice smokey was very dry. The pulled pork was flavorful not quite as dry....could have been moister. The sausage was the winner on the plate...
I grabbed a few extra containers of sauce and doused my brisket and pulled pork.

It was all good....I think it could have been better.

I am assuming that today is their first only time will tell if they can perfect the smoking of their meat.

I plan on going back as they have a drive thru window and have meal combinations to go...would be a great alternative to cooking during these Dog Days of Summer.

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  1. Ciaogal, I don't know how you do it. You hit every restaurant in my part of town either before I know it exists, or right after I notice it. Thanks for the review. Anyone have experience with the old Dickie's. I'll have to try it out soon.


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      I'm a road warrior...a hard core old fashioned salesperson that lives in her car and covers a 4 state territory! I can tell you where every Sonic is in AZ, NV, TX, and NM.....
      I am always on the lookout for new and good food!

      That's why I love this site! So many good places to little time.

      1. re: barry

        Barry - I think we're in the same neighborhood also (we live near Ciaogal) and we seek out family friendly places too (kids: 2 1/2 and 4 mths) - - - we should get together sometime. Email me (address on profile) if you're up for it.

        1. re: ejs1492

          EJS - I must be a little dense, but I don't see an email address on your profile. There is a blog address, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm sure I'm missing something. Sorry to bother everyone with this.


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            Barry, I think if you say it out loud (without the http:// part), you will get the address EJS is trying to pass along. ;-)

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                See, I told you I'm dense. Thanks.

      2. As someone who grew up in Texas and lived there until moving to AZ six years ago, I can tell you that Dickey's is a very poor representation of Texas style BBQ. As noted in your review, the brisket is always dry, which is not an attribute of good brisket. Please do not judge Texas BBQ by what is served at Dickey's. Good BBQ is an art form and the food served at Dickey's is a poor reproduction.

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        1. re: Royiv

          Agreed. I spent almost 9 years in the Dallas area, and went to Dickey's once. There were other far better alternatives. Granted pickings are slimmer here in Phoenix, but Joe's, Stacy's, and some of the small local chains would be safer bets.

          Joe's Real Barbecue
          301 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

          Stacy's Smokehouse
          1650 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ

        2. just dropping in a place link...

          Dickey's Barbecue Pit
          7337 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

          1. I checked out Dickey's last night. I got the three meat plate, too, with brisket, pulled pork and smoked turkey. The brisket was ok. A little dry, but ok. The pork was flavorful and the turkey was ok/good. I had sides of beans and the mac and cheese. Again, both were ok. In all fairness, I picked up everything to go and didn't eat it for 15 or more minutes. They have two bbq and sweet. Both were tasty, but I've had better. I don't think I'd make a special trip for Dickey's. It's on my way home, so I could see getting something to go again, but I'm not dying to get back. The staff was nice and friendly, and they have a kid menu with chicken tenders, etc.


            1. I only had time for a VERY quick lunch and happened to be on Shea so I stopped in. I had the two meat combo with ribs and brisket, with mac-n-cheese and beans. The brisket was definitely dry. The ribs were quite meaty, and not at all fatty. I didn't like the spicy sauce at all and thought the other was okay, but not really my style. I know it's a regional thing, but I like my bbq sauce a bit thicker and more flavorful. Has anyone ever had Maul's sauce, from St Louis?

              The mac-n-cheese was okay - not great - although my two-year-old boy would probably devour it. That's not exactly a compliment because Kraft is his favorite. The beans were watery and totally forgettable.

              I have to confess that I did like the complimentary soft-serve ice-cream machine and probably overdid it on that!

              All in all, I'd give it a C+ or low B-.....


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              1. re: ejs1492

                ejs1492...I guess after a few days...and it's still mediocre.
                I may not rush to go back.
                There are so many other decent options on the Scottsdale/Shea crossroads.
                Dickey's has moved down my list until I hear someone tout their attributes!
                As for now I will continue to long for decent BBQ in the 'hood'!

                1. re: ciaogal

                  Have you tried the brisket flatbread sandwich at Dish? I haven't been, in a while, and I don't have a lot of brisket experience. I liked it good enough to repeat a couple of times. I also liked their take on a Reuben.

                  8977 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

                2. re: ejs1492

                  I'm originally from St. Louis ...I love Maul's! We have an amazing smokehouse in StL and I was very spoiled by it. I assumed I'd have to do my own BBQ (not hard)...can you get St. Louis style ribs at the local grocery stores here or will I need to ask the butcher for this cut? What about pork steaks?

                  EJS: let me know if you need a fix of mom ships it out every so often.

                  1. re: CheesemongersWife

                    "You gotta Maul it.." - - - - I still remember those commercials. Have you tried Frasher's yet....STL-style food and they even do the pizza right with Provel? (I know you're a cheesemonger, so I won't even refer to Provel as "cheese" but I do like it...)

                    Look me up under my profile and let's connect.

                    1. re: ejs1492

                      EJS: tried to email you but kept getting error replies....Haven't been to Frasher's yet....don't think I am going to. Grew up on the stuff and want to see what else is going on here in the Valley. I can't wait to get to Chevaurant, Tapino, Noca....oh, so many meals...such little time.