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Jun 24, 2008 12:36 PM

Looking for a Recommendation

Hi i am looking to purchase a Japanese Whisky for a friend. He is a fan of Scotch single malt scotch and has been wanting to try a Japanese brand for a while now. His favorites include Macallan, Mortlach and Bruichladdich. Any recomendations for a complimentary style?

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  1. Well, the first question is where are you located. In the US, we get very few Japanese whiskies. The only two that, to my knowledge, are available for retail sale are Suntory Yamazaki 12 year old and 18 year old. Both of these are very good and would probably appeal to someone of your friend's tastes though they are not as highly sherried as some of those pics.

    If you have access to a larger selection of Japanese whiskies I would highly recommend Ichiro's Malt. In particular the playing card series, some of which are port or sherry finished and would hold particular appeal to someone who likes Macallan and Mortlach, but all of the Ichiro's I've had are excellent.

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      Hello and thanks for the suggestion, I live in Canada, Saskatchewan specifically. Here our liquor stores are Government owned and selection is notoriously poor so i'm sure it will be a mail order purchase. I was thinking of the Suntory so I do appreciate the recommendation.

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        I'll second the Suntory Yamazai rec although I've only had the 12yo. Very nice. I'll start looking for the 18 to give that a try.

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          I'll third the Suntory. I've been lucky enough to try both the 12 yr and the 18yr, and they were both excellent. I have not been able to get the Ichiro's yet. Great idea for a gift, by the way.

          CA Scotch Chick

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            Another vote for Yamazaki - I prefer the 12yr over the 18yr. Tried them side by side at Whiskies of the World in San Francisco last March. Unfortunately, I didn't take notes and I can't remembery *why* I liked the 12yr better.