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Jun 24, 2008 12:32 PM

Where are the really good meal-sized salads in Brooklyn?

I'm not talking about side salads or pre-entree salads, but salads that are themselves a good summer meal. I'd like to know what restaurants in Brooklyn make particularly good basic salads like Caesar, Greek, Nicoise, Cobb, etc, but I'd especially like to know about Brooklyn restaurants that make more creative salads with some different ingredients and/or dressings. The tilapia salad at De Mole in Queens mentioned in a thread not too far below inspired this question. But I'm rarely in Queens.

It's summer and a good salad makes such a great meal in the summer. So, tell me -- who makes great salads in Brooklyn and what's in them? Extra points if they have a garden to serve them in. Further extra points if there is anything spicy or seafood in them. Even further extra points if they can serve wine or a margarita with them. But I'm open to all kinds of salad meals. Thanks!

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  1. do you have any specific neighborhoods in mind?
    brooklyn is a pretty big place.
    there are probably hundreds of places that serve meal sized salads.

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    1. re: Get In My Belly

      I'm open to anywhere in Brooklyn really and thought I was narrowing it down by ruling out the other outer boroughs but, okay I'll narrow it down to the Brooklyn neighborhoods I'm most frequently in: Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene.

      So where, as they might say on Seinfeld, are the really good "big" salads in those neighborhoods?

    2. Robin Des Bois:

      Chef's salad = big. Check
      Smith St = South BK. Check
      Garden = Check

      Go forth and eat!

      1. Waterfront Alehouse has several big salads, including a special every night.

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        1. re: jakeyd

          I second Waterfront Alehouse, especially their South West chicken salad.

        2. The salads at Downtown Atlantic are decent sized, although not to Seinfeldian proportions.

          1. Could anyone recommend a place to get take-out meal-sized salads in the Prospect Heights/Grand Army plaza area? Thanks!