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Jun 24, 2008 12:31 PM


I have been looking at some of the newer less expensive mandolines which have come onto the market in the last few years. Several look pretty nifty, and I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations re the three I have been looking at: 1) OXO v-blade, 2) OXO straight blade good grips, and 3) Zyliss folding mandoline. Would appreciate any comments re these three.

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  1. I have the OXO V blade and dont know what I did before owning it. I am way more inclined to make soups and stews as chopping/slicing is easy and everything is uniform! Love it!

    1. I recently acquired an Orka V-blade (Marshall's for $19.99) that I really like (especially for the price) -- you can adjust the thickness of the slices easily, it will do julienne and waffle cuts, it's sturdy -- and the hand-protector is at first cumbersome - --but once I got the hang of it -- I really appreciate how well it protects my hand.

      It's on clearance at QVC for a few bucks less -- but the cost of shipping will get you.

      I plan on using this until I spring for the professional quality mandoline.

      1. OXO V blade got the nod in Cook's Illustrated.

        1. BE CAREFUL.

          I bought a mandolin to make my prep time quicker. Meal one with it went great. Meal two went great. Meal three cost me an almond sized piece of my thumb and earned me four stitches.

          Obviously I wasn't using the safety guard when I cut myself. I was slicing a green pepper at the time, and because the pepper is hollow and the safety handle uses prongs to hold on, the handle was in fact useless. No problem, I'll just hold the pepper by the top. Well with a mandoline you can slice so quickly and in a fluid rhythm that the top becomes the bottom in no time flat if you're day dreaming.

          My advice? Get some cut resistant gloves and wear them, ditch the safety handle.

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            Good advice.
            Best might be butchers gloves (chain mail) but I sometimes use fishermans gloves - cloth with little rubber thingies on the palm and fingers to prevent slipping. Maybe even cloth garden gloves - they are cheap and as with the others you just throw them in the wash.

            Be careful!! Not just fingers and palms are at risk, your wrist is too!!

          2. I have the OXO good grips one with the straight blade and I love it. I can definitely see how the V-blade would be better though. The design is very nice, all the parts come loose easily for cleanup and the whole things folds up for easy storage. I don't use it all that much, but when you need to slice a few into zucchini paper-thin rounds, the mandoline is the only way to fly.

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            1. re: Buckethead

              I bought the straight blade Oxo slicer and it has sat in the box since I bought it. Tried to slice a tomato and some carrots and it did nothing but mangle the items. When I pulled out the blade, it wasn't much sharper than a butter knife.

              I really wanted to like this slicer because of the way that the adjustments were all made by turning a dial but in the end, it failed at its primary task--cutting things.

              I bought a Swissmar Borner V slicer instead for half the price and it works like a champ. HIghly recommended.