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Jun 24, 2008 12:26 PM

Taco truck that will cater a party in Baltimore

I am throwing a party and would love to have a taco truck cater it. I spoke to the guys at the taco truck on Broadway in Fells Point (who don't do catering) and couldn't find the one at Herring Run Park. Could anyone please, please help? Thanks!

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  1. The guy in Reston might be the type to drive up there for you. He speaks good English. The name, I believe, is Hugo (he wrote it down for me but has rough short order handwriting). His number is 703 403-8553.

    Great idea, btw.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Long silence followed by hang up. Same story when I called back and spoke Spanish. Oh well. Regardless, I really appreciate your input!

    2. The taco truck is back at Herring Run today.

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        Thanks for the sighting! The taco truck must only come around to HRP on the weekends. I guess I know where I'll be on Saturday.

        1. re: ILoveBacon

          Sorry, it's Sundays for the Latino soccer games.

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          Dennis are a god among men and my hero. I contacted Chaboz Taqueria and they will be coming up from Reston VA to cater my party! Thank you so very much for your eagle-eye and responding to my inquiry. You made my week!

          1. re: ILoveBacon

            I'm going to try them out tomorrow or Friday and will post back if successful. Glad to help.

        2. Just wanted to post back - I did make it there on Friday. It's good. It's pricey for a taco truck. It's not normal taco truck fare. The guys are super nice.

          They do their chicken in that "tequila lime" aspect. It's good. The beef was an ever so slight letdown. They claim they buy all prime meats that are treated well - grass fed, etc. They have more offerings on the way, including veggie, but I've lost the menu (edit: it's online -

          They offer salads, and give a handful of chips with tacos. They have three of their own sauces that they've definitely spent their time on. I don't like sweets mixed with savories so the hottest sauce (using fired pineapple) was a disappointment to me. The other two (verde and a medium red) were very good (and I think I would've liked the hot except for the pineapple - and again that's me).

          They cook ahead just slightly so that the food comes out very quick - unlike normal trucks. Mine did not suffer from sitting too long.

          I hope they make it. I like the concept of advancing the taco truck to yuppie-dom (seems to be their target audience). They're knowledgeable of other offerings in the area and have respect for the regular jose's, they have their own model.

          I think if the catering budget works, they're a very cool idea. For the price and still having to eat from a truck, I am on the fence.

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          1. re: Dennis S

            Check the guys at Herring Run. Carne asada, pupusas, and tacos. Very street and very good.

            1. re: ko1

              Do you have an address? It's in Balmer, right? If it's on the south or west sides I'd be up for trying it when I'm visiting clients up that way, to be sure!

              1. re: Dennis S

                They're at Chesterfield and Norman in NE Baltimore on Sundays. I don't know where they are the rest of the week.

          2. My Taco Truck Quest ended in the best way possible because Chaboz Taqueria catered the party and they provided the most delicious, fun and affordable spread I could have asked for.

            Harold, Eduardo and Gerald(the guys behind Chaboz Taqueria) drove up in their immaculate orange van to set up 1.5 hours prior to the party. In addition to everything for the buffet table (chaffers, plates, bowls, etc.), they also set up two grills since everything was cooked onsite. The pork was grilled on the vertical roaster (think döner kebab) and the chicken/vegetables on a regular grill. Complete menu for the party included:
            - Al Pastor (pork marinated in adobo and spices)
            - Cilantro/Lime Chicken
            - Zucchini and Portabella Mushrooms
            - Chorizo/Goat Cheese & Potato/Spinach/Goat Cheese Quesadillas
            - Rice, Beans and Tortillas
            - 4 Kinds of Salsa

            Within the hour, the smell of good stuff cooking permeated the air so when guests arrived, most were enticed to hit the food table before the bar! Food before liquor? To people in advertising/marketing? Unheard of!!! The guys kept an eye on the ebb and flow of guests so while there was always food in the chafing dishes, nothing was more than 5 minutes fresh off the grill.

            Most importantly, it all tasted GOOD. Although I was running around all night, I kept going back for more al pastor because it was Mr. Pig at his finest. Moist and highly-seasoned with a nice little crust. I saw a woman who I have never seen eat in the 2+ years I’ve known her go back for a third helping. Everyone from hard-core carnivores to tree-hugging vegans raved about how tasty the spread was.

            Thanks again to Dennis S. for responding to my initial inquiry. A bigger thanks to Chaboz Taqueria for providing such great food and service. I’m totally calling on them for my next big party!

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            1. re: ILoveBacon

              You're welcome. Glad it went well. They are nice guys. I need to get by there again. Hopefully they'll have the chorizo quesadillas at lunch.

              1. re: ILoveBacon

                Nice account. A happy ending ........

                1. re: ILoveBacon

                  WOW, this sounds delicious. I am SUPER jealous of your guests I will definitely call these guys for my next big shindig. Holy cow.

                  1. re: ILoveBacon

                    Any idea how to contact Chaboz and/or if they're still in business? I have been poking around the internet & can't seem to find them anywhere.....

                    1. re: raeraeDC

                      My suspicion is that they're out of business. I think the concept was decent (though I prefer the non-yuppie taco trucks).

                      I fear they had too many principles (3 at least), and not a firm location.