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Jun 24, 2008 12:19 PM

Shelf-life of fresh Shitakes

I have a large amount of shitakes ina paper bag in my fridge. They have been there for at least three weeks. There is no sign of rotting and they still have the same texture as when they were given to me. I am sure someone here can give me some advice on whether to toss them or not.

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  1. Call me if you want to toss them. I'll take them.

    If they look fine ... they are fine.

    Mushrooms, as you mention, either rot or slime up or occasionally just start drying.

    If you are worried about them, make something out of them that is freezable.

    1. My experience with them is that they have the potential to "last a long time"...the real issue is to check the gills underneath the caps for any evidence of sliming/decay. Since a fridge essentially is a dehumidifier you can dehydrate them to the point of them being of nearly the same quality that you would get if you purchased them dried. The trick is to put them in a space where there is good circulation. On the downside drying them in this fashion can also garner some unwanted flavors from other items that you have in your fridge.

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        Thanks for the advice, they appear no different than they did when i was given them. I will give them a shot, maybe a risotto...

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          One the best dishes that I've ever made with Shiitake in particular is when you quarter them and cut big squares (slightly larger than mushroom pieces) of napa or savoy cabbage. Simmer the lot with soy sauce, a little mirin (sweet sake), a little daishi (made from the mushrooms if they were dried or perhaps a little konbu or katsuo dashi), and have Yasai no Fukumeni! Which goes really well with a whole host of Japanese type foodstuffs. Yumm...for risotto I'd add some dried porcini and/or crimini mushrooms to balance the flavor of the Shiitake...but that's me.

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            Sounds good, I love cabbage...

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              Yes, that does sound good. In fact, I am replying just so that I can have this in the list of posts I have made. Then I'll be able find these instructions when I'm ready to make it!


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