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Jun 24, 2008 12:04 PM

Best CFS in SA?

If you can read my shorthand your are a real Texas chicken fried steak "freak"! Who has the absolute best in town. Portions need not be big, just awesome! I am going down this weekend!

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    1. The last really good CFS I had in town was a relatively more-expensive version at Boudros: the chicken-fried ribeye. This restaurant does a good job with sauces, so you can expect a truly flavorful black-pepper gravy. FYI: I think the chicken-fried ribeye is only on their lunch menu.

      Tip Top's old-school-diner version is an old stand-by, but I have to say that their CFS does not blow me away. Their food is often served completely unseasoned—lacking even salt and pepper. The CFS at Lulu's also frequently comes up when this important topic gets discussed. I, personally, am not a fan. Here's a link to an earlier thread on the subject:

      You might also want to think about getting a milanesa, which is basically the same dish, at a Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurant. Cha Cha's on Babcock does a good, huge milanesa ( ), but be sure to skip their horrible flour tortillas.

      I hope this helps you satisfy your CFS fix!