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Jun 24, 2008 11:35 AM

Rhodes: Lindos & Rhodes City

I'll be staying in Lindos for a few days in July and am wondering if there's a restaurant worthy of trekking to. It seems like a touristy resort town, but any specific recommendations will come in handy. I guess you can't go wrong with fresh fish and greek salad. Any recommendations for any other destination restaurants in the island?

I also read that there is a natural Greek products store somewhere in Rhodes City - is anyone familiar with Natura Greca - I think they have a shope in Rhodes:

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  1. Kioupia. At one time it was one of Greece's top restaurant, and it is a true gem. It is hard to get to however and it is not anywhere near Lindos. (You are correct Lindos exists mostly for tourists). Just google Kioupia Rhodes and you'll hopefully be able to get there. Try not to miss it, you will be pleased. They are only open for dinner except Sunday when they open for lunch as well.

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      That's what I thought about Lindos, but thanks for the recommendation in Rhodes.

    2. Mavirkos is in the main square of Lindos and is definitely worth a visit.

      1. So.. how was your visit to Rhodes. I'm going next summer and would love to hear where you dined in Lindos. Did you find the Natura Greca?

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          I hate to admit that the only place I looked for in Rhodes was Natura Greca, which was not as exciting as I had anticipated.

          We didn't make it to the restaurants recommended in the post, but I was very satisfied with my meals in Rhodes. We even ate at the bus stop in Lindos and the food was really good. It was also so hot that all I wanted were salads. We did make it into Lindos one evening and it is very touristy, but we found a good restaurant with seating on the roof. I always ordered the giant beans with tomatoes (gigandes or gigantes I think) and salad. Everything was delicious and I was never disappointed with the food.