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Jun 24, 2008 11:19 AM

Fort Bragg Recs please!

A couple of my friends are going to Fort Bragg tomorrow and I would like to help them find some good eats. One of them is a vegetarian, but other than that, any rec's would help. They would need breakfast lunch and dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Try Eggheads for breakfast or lunch. It's small and often crowded, but for good reason.

    1. Mendo Bistro! Despite the name, it's in Fort Bragg, not Mendocino. It's been a couple of years but they seem do the right thing the right way! I don't see it on the online menu but had very tasty ribs there covered with blackberry bbq sauce.

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        I really like MendoBistro. Food is good and the service even better. My family always gives this place a gigantic thumbs