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Jun 24, 2008 11:19 AM

Anniversary Dinner in Hollywood--recommendations

I'm taking my wife to see Wicked at the Pantages in Hollywood for our 11 year anniversary. For lunch we will be dining in Thai Town. However, for dinner I wanted to get some recommendations for a great dinner spot. We love great food and are willing to try just about anything.

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  1. If price isn't an issue, definitely go to Providence. It's probably the board favorite in the Hollywood area.

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      1. re: Nicole

        2nd, 3rd, 4th,... 9th Providence.

        1. re: Nicole

          Thanks a million, we dined at Providence last night. This was the best meal I've ever had, we did the 5 course tasting along with the wine pairing.

          1. re: brentbacher

            Hi Brent,

            I've been thinking of this for a special occasion for my best friend. Was the 5 course menu filling enough? How were the wines that were paired? How did you like the atmosphere? Thanks for any further details you can provide!

            1. re: prschouten

              based on my observation, the 5 course menu has bigger portions than the 9 course or the chef's tasting menu. It should be plenty of food for most people. Wines are always excellent and you'll get to try some unique wines.

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                Yes the 5 course tasting was just fine, you can always add on an item during the meal i.e. spot prawns, turbot for two or the cheese tray. My wife and I did not add on any items and we were completely satisfied. the table next to us got the "full tasting" which looked amazing. for a first timer the 5 course is adequate, note that the portions are small but amazing in flavor and very creative. our menu included yellowtail, diver scallops, halibut, veal and a dessert. We had 3 white wines from around the world, 1 red wine from CA [which was my favorite--Sean Thackrey Pleiades] and then a dessert wine. The atmosphere is hip, fresh and very confortable. BTW, the martinis are wonderful as well we tried 3 different ones our favorite was the Asian Pear.

              2. re: brentbacher

                Thanks for reporting back. So glad you enjoyed it!

            2. Providence is a good choice.

              Closer to the theater but really good is Hungry Cat.

              I also just had a really good dinner at Hatfield's.

              1. A block away from Providence, which I love too and will 10th it, is one of my favorite "old school" Italian restaurants - Marino's. Just wanted to throw it in there. This is a very nice white tablecloth restaurant, excellent service, and a family atmosphere. I know that everyone is doing fried calamari, but their's is exquisite. I also love their salads, minestrone soup, mussels, pizza, pastas, and either their stuffed pork chop or stuffed veal chop. Lots more to choose from. Closed Sunday's.

                6001 Melrose Ave.

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                  I LOVE their stuffed veal since the old Le Dome at Sunset Plaza