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Got a date, need a restaurant in New Orleans

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So I'm taking this beautiful girl out for dinner for the first time in New Orleans. I'm looking for a romantic place that is upscale but not overly formal. Any type of food would be fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably a place uptown?



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  1. Martinique on Magazine St
    Crepe Nanou on Robert

    1. clancy's (upstairs is probably more romantic than down)
      crepe nanou

      1. Le Crepe Nanou would be good - but they don't take reservations.

        1. second Martinique.

          or call Sara's in the Riverbend and ask for the table in the "living room". it is a private room where you sit on pillows and eat at a low height table. their food is heavenly, and wine prices are most reasonable.

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              Brigsten's in the Riverbend....
              Chateau Du Lac on Metairie Road
              Lilette on Magazine

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                The lighting is nice, but when the place is full, you can barely hear yourself think, much less have a nice conversation.

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                    Um, at One on Hampson, referenced in the post to which I replied.

              2. Dante's Kitchen would also be a nice choice.

                1. irene's all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    Second Irene's...love love Crepe Nanou, but I consider it more a friend/double date place. Noise level can be at Paris bistro levels and there is often a wait. Irene's, in my book, is a perfect place to wow on a first date.

                  2. Lilette is another option. Nanou is a good choice though, can't argue with that. Coq au vin crepe is awesome as is the crab crepe. Get the large mussel plate to start.

                    1. Not exactly Uptown, but near - there is no more romantic spot, than table #8 at Commander's Palace.

                      It's been a long time, since I "dated," but after 37 years of marriage, the "romance" has not gone out of our dining experiences.

                      The food has always been very good to excellent, and the service upstairs is top-notch. You will be in your own little area, in the turret and slightly raised above the other diners, plus that table is only open to the rest of the upper level by about 12', almost totally secluded - don't get too many amorous ideas, though, as the other diniers CAN see you, if they look.

                      Call ahead and request this particular table. Heck, tell them that it is HER birthday, or something.


                      1. Crepe Nanou...outside or inside...

                        Lolas is good too...take your own wine...

                        Cafe Degas

                        Orleans Grapevine in the Quarter

                        Jamillas Uptown is great and the service is outstanding...

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                          Jamila's food is great. but ask if they have the belly dancers on the night of the date. some people may not find that romantic...know before you go.

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                            Probably the worst meal I've had was at Jamillas. Bland, dry and yeah, belly dancers shaking for tips. I would have paid her to leave.

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                            Crepe Nanou!

                            Went on my first date, still with her 2 years later...

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                              Mat and Naddie's is a good shout...

                              Jazzy_ surprised you had a bad meal at jamillas...I agree the belly dancers can be a bit much...maybe if you get a second date!?

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                                To be fair, middle eastern is not my fav. BTW, went with my husband.

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                                  Jamila's has great cream of spinach, zucchini and crawfish bisque. They also do nice lamb chops and a very tasty lamb tagine.

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                                    I appreciate your suggestions but my lamb preference is domestic rack, med.rare. If it's gamey or well done, I pass..