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Jun 24, 2008 11:02 AM

[Houston] Looking for Halal Restaurants

My husband needs to entertain some Middle Eastern guests this summer in Houston, and is wondering if there are any restaurants that serve Halal meat. Price not an issue, and since this will be business dining, it does need to be a reasonably nice sit down place, etc. I did do a quick search, but didn't find anything.


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  1. Oh - and if there simply aren't any, that would be useful to know as well, so that I can help him come up with Plan B.

    1. If you want a really great Halal restaurant search site, you can look stuff up here: As you can see, there are TONS. Dimassi's and Fadi's are both Halal. The Dimassi's in The Woodlands is really nice, but the one on Richmond looks like a cafeteria. Fadi's.. you pick up your food at the counter (it's laid out really nicely and they put it on your plate for you as you walk down the line), but I think the ambiance is really nice.

      By the way, fish is always Halal, because it's not slaughtered, so that's always an option for your Muslim guests as well.

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        Thanks so much - very helpful. Unfortunately, the one member of the group who requires Halal meat doesn't eat fish. And we certainly want to avoid what happened on a previous trip, where another Iraqi who would only eat Halal meat ate catfish the entire trip, since neither he nor my husband knew better. I'd thought about trying to get a Halal meal delivered to a restaurant for this individual (I know that is possible with Kosher meals), but apparently when one individual in the group makes a point about Halal, others who don't usually adhere to it feel compelled to go along. Thanks again for both the recommendations and the link. (By the way, you are correct, urls don't work on CH if there is a punctuation mark of any kind after them, as far as I can tell - I now leave a space.)

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          Any thoughts on Saffron Persian Cafe?

          Apparently The Woodland is about 45 minutes away from the Galleria, where they are staying.

          Also found Bijan's Persian Grill on your link ....

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            Unfortunately, I've never been to either of those places. If your husband's business associates are near the Galleria, I'd highly recommend Fadi's. I've heard great things about House of Kabob, although it is a bit more casual.

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              I've eaten at Saffron and the food is good, I like the stews, daily items, bread baked on site and the complementary barley soup is especially excellent.They serve the traditional skewers, which are fresh, and Persian rosewater ice cream. Prices are very reasonable with most meals under $10. the menu link Personally I don't find them very European even if the ticker tape says so.

              The middle Easterners I have spoken with there, like it better than some of the older places. Quite a pleasant atmosphere, although it's not very large and the the tables are close together. It's order at the counter then they bring you your food at the table. The staff is pleasant and attentive and do not discourage lingering after the meal. Near the order counter is a big screen tv tuned to a Persian channel with Persian music playing over it. It is visable but not obtrusive. The restrooms are outfitted to accomodate middle Eastern hygine habits, so they should know their audience.

              Bijan Grill diagonally across the street would be a competitor, but as of late they seem to be slipping. The doog(sp) is the best in town, in my opinion. Their food is just average now, and the place is not near as clean as it was. Their decor is nice and the place more expansive in size and prices are comprable. Like Saffron Grill they are counter order then bring it to your table. They are less attentive after you are served. They do have hookahs available. The restroons are traditional unmodified Western style.

              Hope this helps..

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                Thanks again to all. My husband went to Saffron with a largish group and it worked out very well - his guests were pleased. He wasn't as excited by the food, unfortunately - thought it was just ok - ordered hummus, baba gannoush, etc. to start, he had one of the stews and most of the others had kabobs. But, as I said, the important part was that his guests were happy! I'll have to ask him about the bread. He did note that the cooks were Latin American (he's Dominican) and so he asked them in Spanish to cook in the back (apparently there is also a grill visible from the dining room?), in case any of his guests had concerns about Muslims doing the cooking. He said the staff were very friendly. Check for 12 was just over $200.

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              Just wanted to mention how handy this site was once again. My husband was back in Houston with a different group of Iraqis - they were so grateful, after two weeks in other parts of the country, to have someone actually locate Halal places for them and offer them Middle Eastern food. One night the group went on its own to one place (owned by an Egyptian) and for lunch one day my husband took them to one of the Dimassi's and they were in 7th heaven! Another night my husband arranged a dinner at Oceanaire for them, and the Moroccan chef arranged to bring in Halal meats, and adjust certain menu items for them etc.

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                This link will take you to B4Ueat, which has a separate category for Halal restaurants:


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                  Great, thanks - I'll pass that on to my husband for the next visit. Really appreciate all of the help and the Iraqis were, as I said, incredibly grateful to my husband (and by extension therefore, the hounds in Houston!) for finding these places for them.

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                    Regardless of the cuisine ... its SOUTHERN hospitality! We're happy to help and share the culinary diversity of this town!

            3. Hmmm.. that link didn't work. I think it incorporated the period at the end of the sentence. Try this:


              1. I've eaten at Kasra (Persian) and it's very nice. You might call them and ask whether they are Halal, since the Zabiha website indicates their Halal status is not verified.

                Also, the food at Jerusalem Halal Meat's cafe is quite good. I've only eaten there once, but you might consult them. You probably wouldn't want to take guests there (it's very informal) but they may cater. If they do cater they can tell you whether you can have their food brought into your home (or whatever venue you choose) and have it retain its Halal status.

                I like the food at Masala Wok, but it's pretty casual -- there is no table service; you order and pick up your food at the counter.



                1. I can't tell you whether or not a specific place is halal, you'll have to call individually, but your search is considerably easier if you center around Hilcroft & Westpark. A favorite of mine in this area (though I can't confirm if it's still open) is Garcon. Another good one, outside the beltway on Westheimer, is Cafe Caspian. Garcon is nice enough for business dinners, CC a bit more casual. But as I said, you'll need to check hallal status before you go.

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                    Thanks for all of the additional suggestions - we're definitely calling places to check about Halal.