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Archibalds Barbecue:Northport Alabama

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Alabama has an embarrasment of riches when it comes to barbecue but there can be only one KING.

That would be George,pitboss of all pitbosses in this beautiful state.

I always get the same thing at Archibalds.A pound of outside slice smoked Pork Butt straddling a couple slices of white bread.The meat is crispy,tender and succulent.An ode to the broad shoulders of the common Hog.

Meat this good doesn't even need sauce but my God how can you turn down the vinegary nectar that comes out of Paulettes kitchen?It's sweet...it's tart...and it's spicy.It's the best sauce I've ever tasted[City market in Luling Texas comes close but it ain't this good]

Ambience is spot on.Archibalds seats 6 and you're maybe 5 feet from the big pit stacked with meat.I sit at the counter and fantasize wildly as I mow through my pound.I really want to lick the deep curve in the cutting board.It's seen a few thousand pounds of meat over the years and something tells me to lick it would be like a slow dance with Natalie Wood [ "This Property is Condemned" era]

I only get to eat one meal at Archibalds per year.The other 364 days are mainly spent dreaming of my return visit.

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  1. I got to eat there once several years ago in my roadie days. It makes me sad to think I probably will never get back that way again. I have a picture of the place hanging on my kitchen wall.