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Jun 24, 2008 10:38 AM

Rehearsal Dinner for wedding in Asheville

Hi All,

We are planning a rehearsal dinner for about 16 people in Asheville the night before our wedding. All of the guests are coming from out of town and staying at the Biltmore. Most will not have rental cars.

I am looking for GOOD food, medium price range ($14 to $23 entrees), within a short cab ride from The Biltmore that can accommodate our group. The Biltmore's recommendation was "Smokey Bones", but we are all real "food people" and I don't think a chain restaurant will make anyone very happy.

Any ideas?

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  1. We really like Rezza's in Biltmore Village. Location and price-wise it seems to fit your request.

      They recommended Frankie Bones which is pretty close. It is ok and the nice part is that they have some more private areas where you all can get loud(er) and there is probably something on the menu for everyone.
      If you are looking for more foodie type places that are close by:
      I would 2nd the recommendation for Rezaz's and I know they have an area towards the back that is often used for bigger groups, but I would guess it depends on the night.
      How about something on the Estate?
      I'm trying to think of somewhere downtown that would accomodate a bigger group...still thinking

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      1. re: leahinsc

        Thanks for all the recommendations. Any thoughts on Stovetrotters?

        We did contact the estate but that night, they have nothing large enough to accommodate our party of 16. Thanks!

        1. re: LorriKern

          Stovetrotters is pretty small. It's basically one room w/ a kitchen surrounded by a bar (so you can see the chefs work) and then about 6 tables.

      2. I've heard great things about Rezaz too for the Biltmore area.

        As far as accommodating your party, for downtown The Flying Frog restaurant downstairs (not the cafe upstairs) has a big private party room, as does Cafe on the Square (though I'm reluctant to recommend them lately). There's also a private room at Cucina 24, not sure how many it seats though.

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        1. re: sarahyla

          Corner Kitchen may be a good choice. It's in Biltmore Village with very easy access to the Estate (about 3 blocks from the gate). Here's the link ~ It fits your price range, the food is very good and they could easily accommodate a group your size inside or on the patio.

          The private room at Cucina 24 can easily handle 16 as well.

          1. re: priss

            I agree, the Corner Kitchen is very nice and the food it very good. It's also in your price range. I would go with that or Rezza's (whichever one can acommodate you). They are also both very close to where you're staying.

        2. Thanks for all the recommendations. We ended up on the patio at StoveTrotters. The food was really terrific. The owner came out to our table and met us. The service was terrific. We ended up being a party of 20 and the meal was well timed and hot dishes served hot, which is hard with so many different people. If you haven't tried it yet, you should. I was super impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it again.

          1. Zambras also space for a party of 16 and is a Tapas restaurant. Nice ambience and a great spanish wine selection.