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Road trip through Ontario and Quebec

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My wife and I are taking off for an 18-day road trip next week.

The trip is roughly: Chicago → Iowa City → Trempealeau, WI → Mississipi River → Minneapolis → Apostle Islands/Lake Superior → Upper Peninsula → Sault Ste Marie → Sudbury, Ontario → Ottowa → Montreal → Quebec City → Lake Champlain, Vermont → Adirondack Mountains → Niagara Falls → Pittsburgh → Cedar Point → Ypsilanti, Michigan → Chicago.

You can see the Quebec part of the map here: http://tinyurl.com/4rdg7p

We're interested in seeing all sorts of stuff, but most important to us are the restaurants. I'd be happy to base the entire route on hitting three good spots a day. I can get good Montreal and Quebec recommendations from those threads, but I'm not sure about the places in between. If you've been on those paths, where would you recommend we stop?

Also note that everything is flexible. If you'd recommend a route we're not taking, but in generally the same direction, please say so.


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