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Jun 24, 2008 10:23 AM

Need steakhouse help

I've spent hours reading NYC steakhouse reviews. Even the best have their detractors. I'm looking for the consistently best beef (no butter), sides don't matter. I've come up with these:

Uncle Jack's
Strip House
Porter House
Quality Meats
Frankie and Johnny's
BLT Prime
Del Friscos

Is there a clear winner here or perhaps one I've overlooked?

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  1. I've always found Wolfgang's (the Park ave location) to be the most consistent in quality and cut.

    Of your list, porterhouse is consistently head and shoulders above the rest - although I have friends that argue to the death about Strip House. But I'm surprised you've left out much of the old-guard, maybe due to inconsistent reviews?

    1. There are no clear standouts when it comes to top tier steakhouses in NYC, especially if you are excluding Lugers and all of their clones "(no butter)". Any of those you have mentioned will be very comparable on any given night when it comes to the meat alone. That being said, I think it would be wise for you to factor in d├ęcor, service, and sides to help make your choice.

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        1. I think you have overlooked one of the best and oldest - Keen's on 36th and 6th. Keen's has a nice, old school atmosphere and the steaks are always perfect. It is hard to go there, however, and not order the mutton.

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            I passed up Keen's since they don't offer a ribeye (which is my favorite). Actually, I don't think Sparks does either.

            1. re: JazzyB

              If your interested their Prime Rib is supposed to be pretty damn amazing.

          2. Second the recommendation for Keens. Second best porterhouse to Peter Luger I have had. BLT Prime and Uncle Jack's are also phenomenal.