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Jun 24, 2008 10:12 AM

Best Restaurants in Miami

Looking for some nice places to take family and clients while in Miami with best wine lists? What are the best (price is no concern) places to go?

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  1. The forge might bet your best option. I think they have the biggest cellar in the city (could be wrong though).

    1. I like Prime 112 but I believe Flemings has a huge wine list.

      1. When you say best, what are you looking for? From "price is no concern" I assume that value is not the top consideration, but having an idea of what you like to drink will be helpful.

        The Forge in Miami Beach is indeed one of the few places I can think of that has an encyclopedic style list with back-vintage bordeaux, etc.

        Bourbon Steak (a Michael Mina restaurant) in Aventura is particularly strong on CA current release pinot syrah, CA cab (several verticals), burgundy (mostly relatively current release), decent on bdx.

        Ortanique in Coral Gables has a very good, more eclectic wine list.

        You may want to look into Palme d'Or in the Gables, Setai on South Beach. I can't personally vouch for P112 having not been. I am not that impressed by Flemings - several choices but not a lot that are very exciting, their selling point is mostly the BTG program. There are probably others I'm not thinking of.

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          Graziano's in Coral Gables wouldn't look it, but they've got a great wine list that focuses on New World wines, but covers Old World as well. It'd be a good place for the family dinner.

        2. out of all these restaurants listed .bourbon steak is clearly the winner.espescially when you say price is no concern.when it comes to cali cabs . vintage bordeauxs,grand cru burgundies etc.

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            I'm not sure how you could jump to the conclusion that B.S. is a clear winner without knowing what the OP likes to drink. B.S. has its strengths, but it has some holes too - very little from Spain or South America, not much more from Italy, nor much Rhone. I can't compare them side-by-side since I can't get the Forge's online, but I suspect the Forge is probably deeper in bdx than B.S. If you like Italian, Il Gabbiano was probably much deeper than B.S. Even Sardinia, at least if you're like for variety and unusual regional wines. So I still think it all depends what you're looking for.

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              that is true bs is not that deep in italian, south america,and some lesser known regions around the world.however RSFEIN was asking about a list compiled with the best list price is no concern.and as we all know on most lists cabs and chardonays are king this moment. along with an extensive list of pinots and a verry impressive burgundy list both red and white.however you are right about the italian selection

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                i have been once to the forge. and i have to say i was very impressed with their list.if you are looking for that very old prize bottle of bordeaux or an old world barolo or brunello.then best chances are the forge.they have been open for almost 30 years.and 20 of them they were the top bill in town by far

            2. I read on the that Casa Juancho has great wines but i saw it isn't as pricey as some of the other restaurants i have been recommended here. Whats the deal with Casa Juancho?

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                Casa Juancho's strength is in Spanish wines (not surprisingly). The food is mostly straightforward Spanish - pretty good, not exceptional. Place has the look of an old Spanish taberna, and always has roving flamenco musicians. A little cheesy, but I always enjoy going there.

                The wine list is online but I don't believe it's necessary current or complete ->