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Jun 24, 2008 09:59 AM

Moving to Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens area -- Where is the best place to get produce?

hi all,

i'm moving from astoria (need to change my handle) to what i think is technically cobble hill/boerum hill but obviously close to carroll gardens, as well, and i'm curious as to where the best produce is, and where it is affordable.

thanks in advance for your help. any other neighborhood suggestions you have would be welcomed, too, obviously...

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  1. there is a farmer's market at Borough Hall on Thurs & Sat (maybe other days too, not sure) and a small one on Sun. at Carroll Park.

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      Jim & Andy's Produce on Court & Warren

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        The produce places on Pacific & Court, Sackett & Court and the one near Sahadi's on Atlantic all have better produce and later more convenient hours then Jim & Andy's IMO. I found both of the produce places on Court are a little less expensive then the one on Atlantic, but not by much. Chop Shop on Smith and Dean tends to be pricey.

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          I tend to shop for convenience (very close to me if I'm in a hurry) at Pacific&Court but its very overpriced for what it is. The place near Sahadi's has much better selection and much better prices. I like going to Jim & Andy for their great selection of mushrooms, but otherwise, while they're very nice in there, the selection is a little light and the quality hit or miss.

          The farmer's market on Sunday on Carroll Street is something I look forward to, but its still early in the season and the selection on sunday was pretty meager. I did get some very tasty local strawberries and cherries. But otherwise, there werent a lot of veg to choose from. Later in the summer, I go every sunday.

          Chop Chop is terrible for veg....they pretty much stopped carrying most of it and what they do have tends to sit around and be over priced.

    2. The Cadman Plaza/Borough Hall farmer's market is great, but if you can't make it (or it's a weekday, or whatever...) I really like the produce place on Atlantic and Clinton (or so - it's between Key Food and Sahadi's). Their selection is great for a neighborhood place, and it's really affordable... Also, since you're there, you can go to Sahadi's and Damascus Bakery!

      1. Welcome to the neighborhood. I just moved to CG a few months ago, so I've been exploring the options, as well. I've found that the two best options are the produce market on the southeast corner of Court St. & Pacific St. (the name escapes me), and K&Y on Court St (betw. Douglass & Degraw). Of the local produce markets, they have the best quality, selection and prices. There are also two farmers' markets: 1) Carroll St. (between Smith & Court) on Sundays; 2) Bklyn Borough Hall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They're not as big as the Grand Army Plaza one, but they're nice to have close by, nonetheless.

        There's also Park Natural health food store on Court St (between Union & President St) that has an extensive selection of organic produce. It's pricier than the other options, but the selection and quality are quite nice (and cheaper than Whole Foods). I purchase most of my non-produce groceries here. In general, I think you can bypass most of the supermarkets in the BoCoCa area, but if need be, there are two Met Foods (on Smith St., near Warren St; and on Henry St., near Degraw).

        Hope this helps.

        1. the fruit & veg green grocer on atlantic between court and clinton (right by the keyfoods) always has a good selection and very reasonably priced.

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            I co-sign this place. The only negative is that sometimes the lines can be killer!
            But they usually move pretty fast

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              Agree, this is my favorite. But the lines make it pretty bad to shop inside.

              1. re: contempt

                I have NEVER in 15 years had an issue with lines. When things get busy they open a second register. Longest wait? Maybe 4 minutes. The only exception has been airhead yuppies babbling on the phone instead of going for the purse (and then hurling attitude at everyone else who, bless 'em, let her know that she should talk or walk.
                They are a successful business and they do a decent job of managing it.

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                  I'm with JonL on this one. I can't remember ever contending with a line there, are we talking about the same place? Like 6 doors down from Sahadi's? I've rarely had more than one or two people in front of me at the register.

                  Maybe it's when we go? I tend to go in on the weekend, after a visit to Sahadi's or Damascus. I'm not sure if I've ever been mid week (but then, you'd think saturday or sunday afternoons would be shopping prime time....).

            2. Everything has been pretty well covered, except the CSAs. Cobble Hill (fills up very quick), Brooklyn Heights, and Carroll Gardens all have their own.

              Borough Hall green market is convenient, but is underwhelming compared to Union Sq and GAP. The Union St bus drops you off a block away from the GAP market which is nice.

              I love the Atlantic/Clinton veggie market and probably stop by daily, but it ain't the most ambitious selection (the same people own K&Y on Court near the cobble hill theater). Pacific Green on Court and Pacific has more exotic stuff, but it doesn't always seem as fresh to me.

              There's also the Garden of Eden on Montague b/t Court and Clinton for even more exotic produce?