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Jun 24, 2008 09:46 AM

Where to find instant yeast in NYC?

Hi all -

I am looking for a place in the city that sells instant yeast/bread machine yeast. The Whole Foods at Columbus Circle used to sell the vacuum-packed bricks of SAF Instant Yeast, but they haven't been on the shelf for a few months and on my last visit an employee confirmed to me that they no longer stock it. No luck at Brooklyn Fairway, UWS Fairway, Trader Joe's, or Williams-Sonoma either. I know I can order from the King Arthur Flour catalog, but would prefer to buy somewhere local if possible. A quick google search for baking supply stores in NYC didn't turn up anything useful, so I'm wondering if the board has any suggestions.


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  1. FWIW I think I recently saw instant yeast bricks in the butter/egg cooler at UWS Fairway.

    1. Just saw SAF Instant Yeast a 1 lb brick at the Whole Foods Market in the Bowery on Houston St for about 4,80 or something like that they had a nice assortment of yeasts and other baking goods better than Columbus Circle.

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        Grace's Marketplace on the UES has it, SAF in the jars. There's a teensy shelf of baking stuff over by the bakery section in the front of the store. Inexplicably, they do not have bread flour.

      2. i dont think people really bake bread anymore...i was trying to just buy the packages of yeast in astoria and had to go to 2 grocery stores before i found some that wasnt expired :( (and no bread flour either !!)

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          I buy yeast all the time - but the kind in the packets - I gather that this instant yeast is something else?

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            I bake bread all the time. I just perfected my bacon-garlic-olive bread. And I use SAF Instant yeast.

            SAF Instant is extremely consistent and productive, and most bakeries I have had the opportunity to poke around in use the stuff.

            As for bread flour, you can use higher-quality all-purpose flour if you don't mind kneading it a little. Bread flour is a little higher in protein and usually has some glutenizing agent in it, like ascorbic acid or some potassium-based agent, causing it to form glutens more easily. I have an off-and-on love affair with bread flour, but I use it when I can.

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              Hear, hear, the SAF is the way to go. You can mix it directly into the flour, no proofing needed. The brick keeps for a long time in the freezer (I keep a small jar separate from the main package to work from) - I had one package going for several years, the dregs were still as potent as ever.

          2. I guess by this time you've discovered that Whole Foods is stocking red label SAF again. The cheapest I've found it, though, is at Sahadi's in Brooklyn--$4. Unfortunately, no one seems to stock the gold label that's used for doughs with a higher sugar content. I really am loath to pay shipping in addition to the rather low cost of a package of yeast. :((