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Jun 24, 2008 09:15 AM

richmond--whole foods type store?

just moved to richmond, and am looking for a whole foods-type store (or even better, something like the dekalb farmer's market in atlanta). looking for something that:
isn't outrageously expensive (whole foods is expensive, but staples like bulk foods, spices, cereal, etc help even it out).
has their own brand of good food (this also relates to point 1)
is fun to shop at. yup, i'm a sucker for a clean store and samples.
has good stuff. again, whole foods usually has good produce and meat/fish. more expensive, but worth it IMHO.

tried ukrop's and was severely disappointed. all the expense of whole foods without a good store brand or as good a selection.

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  1. Richmond isn't a hot bed of great grocers but the ones I prefer are Ellwood Thompson (in Carytown), Fresh Market (near West End....Parham Rd near Regency Square), and Good Foods Grocery (on Huguenot in the old Stony Point Shopping Center and in the West End on Gayton Road).

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      keep in mind that ukrops also differ by location. some of them are really nice and have a great selection.
      oh and an actual whole foods and a trader joes are on their way to short pump.
      there's also tom leonard's to check out if you're in the short pump area.
      none are exactly what you're describing but then i like ukrops and don't think it's really that overall expensive. the ones at john rolfe and short pump are nice. others are NOT.

    2. I'm new to the area as well and have had some difficulties. I love the Forest Hill farmer's market (it's off 42nd Street on Saturdays - get there early). I also like Hastings for seafood and Belmont butcher for meats. I've heard good things about Fresh Market and Good Foods, but haven't been yet.

      I don't mind the Ukrops in Carytown, and in my opinion Ellwood Thompson is so-so. I agree with the previous post that some Ukrops are better than others, so it might be worth another try.

      Good luck with your shopping. I'll be interested to hear if you find anything great!

      1. FYI - sign is up for Trader Joe's coming soon.