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inexpensive but GOOD Restuarants???

My husband and I are going to New Orleans the last week of July for our 5 year anniversary. We both have been to New Orleans right around the time we were married for Mardi Gras, so needless to say we drank our dinners.....hahaha. We are just looking for some restaurants that are good yet NOT TOO expensive. We are working with a budget of around $40 plus tip for dinner nightly. Any idea's will be very helpful.

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  1. You could do the Baisl Leaf on Carrolton (if you like Thai) for around that much. The portions ar ebig enough to split as well, so you do apps and I recommend their soups too.

    1. go to the summer menus thread:

      many restaurants have special menus and pricing during the summer. also check out the COOLinary participating restaurants.

      have fun!

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        Definitely check the summer menus topic. You can dine at some of our better rest. quite reasonably if you stick to their specials.

      2. parkway bakery
        liuzza's on bienville

        poboy places in general

        1. Bring a bottle of wine to Lola, on Esplanade. Try tapas at Cafe Granada on Carrollton.

          1. In the French Quarter grab a Muffalata (great Italian sandwich) at Central Grocery on Decatur St & picnic on the Moonwalk by the river. Use the $ you save to lunch the next day at Commander's Palace --$.25 martinis and a 3 course dinner for $29.

            1. Quarter:
              Palace Cafe- good, the most reasonably priced of the upscale restaurants in the Quarter
              Coop's Place & Napoleon House- if you're just looking for jambalaya or red beans at very reasonable prices; Napoleon for a great evening drinks atmosphere (stop serving food at 5:30), Coop's for a great dingy basement atmosphere
              Johnny's- po boys
              Cochon- a 10 minute streetcar ride on the #2 to the warehouse district, pork paradise

              Jacques-Imo's- In the $20's, about 5 dishes that are truly fantastic, huge portions, huge lines if u don't get there early
              Dante's Kitchen
              Cafe Atchafalaya

              Also I like to just hit the nice places at lunch for a much better bargain:


              Mr. B's
              Palace Cafe

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                We spent 6 weeks this winter eating out for lunch almost daily. (husband had foot surgery giving us a rare opportunity to do weekday lunches). Anyway, the better places were the best value although rarely did the check come in as low as $40 (no alcohol) for two pretip.

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                  I agree. It's a pretty rare occasion when the wife and I get out of dinner for 40 bucks or less - even at most of the places that are named in this thread. Most of the places listed above you can get out cheap only if you drink water and get no apps or dessert. That's true for about any place in the city, however.

                  We eat cheap - and get full - at Tacqueria Corona, Jasmine Vietnamese, Babylon, Franky & Johnny's, Ignatius, Crepe Nanou, Storyville, Byblos, El Gato Negro, and whatever poboy shop you want to name. Most of the cheap places are ethnic eateries.

              2. Bennachin, in the FQ, is a really great gem. African cuisine that allows you to experience some of the origins of our cuisine, and it's BYOB and affordable. Slow service. Also, Coops (bar on Decatur with an extensive menu, though it can be hit and miss at times) and the Praline Connection on Frenchman St. in the Marigny would come in under your price point.