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Jun 24, 2008 08:41 AM

NYC C'hounder group dinner during jazz fest

I'm headed to one of my favorite foodie cities for jazz fest and am looking for some ideas on where to do one large group dinner (12+ people?) and one dinner for 6-8 people. I realize it's hard to get a table for a large group, especially during jazz fest, but was wondering if there are any new options that i should check out. Some favorites i was considering are Lemeac and L'express because one of the dinners will be taking place after 11pm. Another option i considered for the group of 6 people was Pied du Cochon. I've been to both Lemeac and L'express and have heard mixed reviews of Pied du basically i'll defer to local experts for better/different suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Try Restaurant Ariel on Drummond they have a nice side room that can accomodate a 12 plus group.During the Jazz Fest they have live jazz in house.I have been their with a large group and was amazed with the exactness and balance of their service. It has a small menu and a great wine cellar.

    1. Hmm, sounds like a request from a road manager for hungry jazz musicians. When all else fails you can always head to Chinatown to Maison VIP on Clark for late night lobster, very easy with a big group. And I am not sure what the mixed reviews are of APdC but I personally think it's a great choice.

      1. Come join the WBGO team! We are still formulating where we will be going- we are coming up in two groups. We tend to do a lot of the late concerts so we do our main meals for lunch. Forget dinner!