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What to order at Mesa Grill?

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We are headed there Thursday for my sister's bday. Any recommendations for what to have?


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  1. the pork tenderloin is amazing and its served with a very sweet, slightly mushy, but still tasty tamale

    1. I went there ages ago, but still remember the pork tenderloin main that i had. And they had some good white wines, that i remember enjoying. The Blue Corn Pancake with BBQ Duck was good, but the pork was the star!

      1. I went last year and boy was the Pork tenderloin amazing. It was the envy of everyone at the table.

        1. Another vote for the pork. The goat cheese queso fundido is yummy too.

          1. I haven't tried the pork tenderloin, but I quite liked the chile relleno.

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            1. i had a tartare sampler (salmon & tuna) which was a appetizer, but they doubled in size and made an entree sized portion for me. had the right amount of spices. very delicious.

              also had one of their steaks once, cant remember which cut, and found is very good as well.

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                  just to update- i ended up having the cioppino which is done with a green chile sauce. was not a huge fan of it. sort of flat taste. needed some acidity of some sort. not sure but i didn't enjoy it. it seemed the best dishes on the table were the steaks. the place is not a steakhouse but they grill a very flavorful steak.