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Jun 24, 2008 07:53 AM

Kerry Simon in Vegas

Has anyone been to Kerry Simon's new place in the Palm's. I enjoyed his restaurant at the Hard Rock and was wondering how this one compares. And speaking of the Hard Rock, that restaurant is not listed on the website anymore, did it close?

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  1. Kerry Simon's restaurant at the Hard Rock did close.

    1. Yes, The Restaurant @ the Hard Rock did close....

      I recently had the opportunity to Dine @ CatHouse at the Luxor...a good friend of mine is in executive management in the hotel and he had been raving about it!
      It's another Kerry Simon Collaboration.
      It was fun, hip and great!
      He and I shared a variety of appetizers....all were creative and well prepared.
      We shared: Pig's in a Duvet w/ Ketchup and Mustard, The fromage fondue w/ granny smith apples, white chocolate bread, mushrooms and broccoli,. The Crispy Calamari and zucchini chips, and the Mini Crab Cakes....I also had a bowl of the Potato Leek Soup w/ Lobster.
      Another member of our Party had the Filet w/ the sauteed mushrooms and a side of the Truffled Macaroni and Cheese.

      It was great! The food was presented beautifully, service was prompt and the ambiance was cool!
      Cathouse has a bordello theme....and the food is a little decadent to compliment it!

      I look forward to trying Kerry Simon's new restaurant @ the Palm's next!

      1. Went Saturday and I'm afraid I was underwhelmed. The decor was a little coffee shopish and there was no one in the pool so it was a strange view out the window. The young waiter asked if he could bring an order of edemame for the table to start. I didn't like this. I would rather have time to look at the menu and then decide. My dining companions said yes and it was OK.

        We started with Tuna Tartare and the Steak Tartare with Steak Caparccio. The Tuna was OK, but not too interesting and served with bland rice crackers. The Steak Tartare was suppose to come with a quail egg and we noticed it wasn't there. When asked the waiter he said that it was upon request (didn't notice this in the menu, but I could be wrong)--so we requested it. The Steak Tartare was much better the day before at Morels' (!). The steak carparccio was a thin dull strip.

        Two of us split the dry aged ribeye. I've never had dry aged so I didn't know what to expect--but I did know that medium rare shouldn't come out medium. The waiter had me cut the steak open (strange) and he concurred that it was overcooked and sent out a new one. It was fairly plain--we ordered a side of truffled mashed potatoes (invisible flecks of truffle and no flavor of them there) and a very nothing creamed spinach. Other's had the overcooked chicken.

        Best event--we sat by Ricky Jay who we're seeing in LA at the beginning of August. Also at his table later was Dennis Hopper. About 10 minutes later Robert Duvall and James Caan were sitting together--so good celebrity sighting. We also talked for a little while to Kerry Simon--but not about the food.

        I also didn't like the wine list. I don't want to see a section of organics and another of bio-renewables or some such new age talk. Just list them by varietal--you can make note of their growing methods there if you wish.

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          PS, did I mention the bread basket was not good (at least for me)? Cold and hard breads such as salty (I guess it would be) pretzel bread--probably would have been happier with a pretzel and corn bread that's better at Soup Plantation. I did find one bread I liked, but don't remember what it was.

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            Perhaps I should give this place a bit more time before trying it out. Thanks for the feed back everyone.