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Jun 24, 2008 07:51 AM

Best Restaurant Wk dinner you've ever had

They're taking reservations!

I've been to a good number of restaurant wk options for dinner and I usually wait until the menus are available before I choose a spot (I call and call until they have one to email or fax me). I love restaurant week but seems like there are too many places who serve a menu nothing like what they usually have... so if you have any suggestions on where to go that has a great selection for the prix-fixe and is very similar in quality and creativity as their usual dinner menu, please do tell! menu details would be great too.

Some of my faves:
Patroon, Brasserie 8 1/2, Asia de Cuba

Considering for dinner:
Butter, 21 Club, Davdiburke & Donatella, Il Cantinori

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  1. Believe it or not...Chinatown Brasserie, HANDS DOWN!

    1. Petrossian was incredible...actually had the waiter surprise us with which meals we got off the Rest. Week menu (since they all looked so good) and he picked the perfect meals for both myself and my fiancee.

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        I agree with Petrossian. They have good options (or at least did when I went 2 years ago). Also, Aureole.

      2. The Bar Room at The Modern. As with all Danny Meyer places, there was a great deal of choice on the menu.

        1. Favorites: Bar Room @ The Modern, Tribeca Grill, Applewood, Rose Water

          Worst: Vong, Remi

          1. did butter for rest. week once. was not impressed.

            was surprisingly impressed by san domenico, though ithink they are closed awaiting downtown move now.

            21 club did do a nice RW meal as well.
            don't think i would bother with il cantinori.