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Best Restaurant Wk dinner you've ever had

They're taking reservations!

I've been to a good number of restaurant wk options for dinner and I usually wait until the menus are available before I choose a spot (I call and call until they have one to email or fax me). I love restaurant week but seems like there are too many places who serve a menu nothing like what they usually have... so if you have any suggestions on where to go that has a great selection for the prix-fixe and is very similar in quality and creativity as their usual dinner menu, please do tell! menu details would be great too.

Some of my faves:
Patroon, Brasserie 8 1/2, Asia de Cuba

Considering for dinner:
Butter, 21 Club, Davdiburke & Donatella, Il Cantinori

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  1. Believe it or not...Chinatown Brasserie, HANDS DOWN!


    1. Petrossian was incredible...actually had the waiter surprise us with which meals we got off the Rest. Week menu (since they all looked so good) and he picked the perfect meals for both myself and my fiancee.

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        I agree with Petrossian. They have good options (or at least did when I went 2 years ago). Also, Aureole.

      2. The Bar Room at The Modern. As with all Danny Meyer places, there was a great deal of choice on the menu.

        1. Favorites: Bar Room @ The Modern, Tribeca Grill, Applewood, Rose Water

          Worst: Vong, Remi

          1. did butter for rest. week once. was not impressed.

            was surprisingly impressed by san domenico, though ithink they are closed awaiting downtown move now.

            21 club did do a nice RW meal as well.
            don't think i would bother with il cantinori.

            1. Restaurant week is usually a rip off and the staff treats you poorly and you are served the worst of their food. The only place i had a good experience was at 21 Club.

              1. I agree that Restaurant Week typically ends up being a bit of a disappointment, but I always end up going out for it a few times anyway.

                Favorite meals have been lunch at davidburke & donatella (exciting that they have dinner now, too); lunch at Cafe Boulud, Devi (basically the entire menu was available); Perry St and EN Japanese Brasserie.

                Least favorites were Tribeca Grill and lunch at L'Impero.

                This year I'm considering 21 Club, Cafe des Artistes and Lure Fishbar.

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                  It's hit or miss. You need to do your best to look at reviews or menus beforehand since some restaurants really don't produce anything special (typical chicken, salmon, pasta, etc.). You can have great meals if you are smart about it.

                2. Spice Market had great options when I went for dinner and Gramercy Tavern was awesome for lunch. Definitely a big fat no to Vong.

                  1. Back in January, I had fantastic restaurant week lunches at Eleven Madison Park:

                    And at Craft: www.chowhound.com/topics/483048

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                      Craft does not appear to be serving lunch any more :(

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                        Sadly I think you're right. But Eleven Madison Park is!

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                          OP is asking about RW DINNER. Eleven Mad does a wonderfun RW lunch, but they don't do dinner.

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                            I knew that and posted what I did anyway, because:

                            1) OP might consider lunch if she knew a really good one was available.

                            2) Other people interested in Restaurant Week may be reading this, and they might be interested in lunches.

                            3) I've been looking for weeks for an excuse to post links to my Winter RW lunch reports on a discussion of Summer Restaurant Week 2008.

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                              And a big thank you for your great report about the Perry St prix fixed lunch deal that's available 7 days a week. Went in April and it was fabulous-food, decor, service,and price ( including $5 glass of wine)! Sent another couple there too and they loved it. Thanks for sharing....

                              To add to the RW discussion-I really enjoyed Mesa Grill and the River Cafe for RW. Believe they only do lunch though. They offered quite a few choices that came from the regular menu. And the River Cafe view is priceless. Service was friendly- no RW attitude.Both offered their special menu without any prompting. When choosing RW places I try to find restaurants that don't do prix fixed lunches year round.

                      2. Gramercy Tavern was great for lunch (sorry, I didn't realize that you asked about dinner specifically until I had already posted)

                        1. To respond to your question, I do like the Bar Room at the Modern for dinner.

                          For lunches, I liked Eleven Madison Park, Aquavit Cafe (it's good, not the best), Aureole (they're not participating this year), Cafe Boulud (not participating this year, and I liked, not loved), and believe it or not I did have a very good, if not great experience at Devi.


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                            Aureole often offers a $28 lunch. I was somewhat disappointed since it did not compare to a stellar lunch I had there a few years ago, and neither does it compare to, say, Eleven Madison Park, but it is a pleasantly elegant setting, excellent presentation, and well worth $28.

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                              Honestly, I never had a spectacular lunches or dinners for Restaurant Week. Some were better than others but it's not say they were the best I ever had.


                          2. Dinners have been great at Modern Bar Room, Mesa Grill, and Butter (although service is uniformly terrible there)

                            Not too many bad experiences since I research obsessively before making reservations, but I was not happy with Tribeca Grill (bland, poor seating, inattentive service)

                            1. Artisanal is actually a good Rest. Wk place to visit since the dishes on the menu aren't that much different from their typical Price Fix. So if you're looking for a place that won't skimp on quality - I recommend it.

                              1. My two favorites have been Bar Room at the Modern and August.
                                Least Favorite: JoJo and Butter

                                This year will be doing Perry St and either Devi or Anthos.


                                1. no one has mentioned esca yet - i am curious if anyone has been in the past for a rw lunch - how was it? how was the menu?